Ants in Your Pants is a British children's programme broadcast on BBC1 from 27th September 1995 - 18th December 1996 and was presented by Otis the Aardvark and featured 3 pre-school programmes in a 20 minute slot.

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Following the success off BBC1 and BBC2 broadcasting pre-school shows aswell as the well-known lunchtime slot on BBC2 which ran for 10 minutes every weekday from 2.00pm - 2.10pm for pre-school children, The BBC commissioned a 20-minute programming slot for pre-schoolers in the afternoons once a week called Ants in Your Pants, The programme started on 27th September 1995 and went out on Wednesdays at 3.30pm - 3.50pm for Series 1 and 3 while Series 2 was broadcast on Tuesday from 3.30pm - 3.50pm and was presented by Otis the Aardvark and Arthur the Ant which feature 3 pre-school programmes back-to-back as single episodes for three series, 39 episodes and 9 programmes were broadcast, Series 1 began on Wednesday 27th September 1995 - Wednesday 20th December 1995 and featured programmes Hairy Jeremy, Spider and Series 3 of Noddy. Series 2 began 2 weeks later on Tuesday 2nd January 1996 - Thursday 29th March 1996 and was the only series to go out on Tuesdays and feature programmes Monty the Dog, Series 4 of Fireman Sam and Series 3 of Pingu, Series 3 began after a short Summer re-run of Series 1 on Wednesday 25th September 1996 - Wednesday 18th December 1996 and feature Series 2 of William's Wish Wellingtons, Series 2 of Oakie Doke and The Little Polar Bear and the last series, only aired on CBBC Choice, began on 26 September 1998 - 28 March 1999, has a longer running time, is short-lived, and feature the Teletubbies, Just So StoriesTom & Vicky and Izzy Itsnotfair. The series ended a week before Christmas on Wednesday 18th December 1996 and from Thursday 2nd January 1997 when CBBC resumed afternoon broadcasts on BBC1 following its Christmas showings in the morning only in Christmas 1996, it was replaced by 5 days a week broadcasts of Playdays as before then the 3.30pm slot was a different show everyday. These programmes have continued to be repeated on BBC1, BBC2, CBBC on Choice and CBBC on Nickelodeon since then.