CBBC on Nickelodeon was the name of a programming block broadcast on digital satellite and cable channel Nickelodeon from Saturday January 6, 1996 to Sunday July 18, 1999. It featured CBBC programming in a 60-minute weekday slot.

Snapshot 2 (10-08-2015 16-16)

Here's a start-up ident from October 11, 1997-1999, with the Nickelodeon Splattered Paint Logo and a humanoïd N letter holding a O letter above it.

History Edit

CBBC on Nickelodeon launched on Tuesday 2nd January 1996 and was presented by Otis the Aardvark and Arthur the Ant in a ice-cream parlour until Early October 1997, followed by a special weekend with unblocked airings of CBBC on Choice Wikia programs, and then, by Saturday October 11, 1997, the return of the programming block with Marvin P. Porcuvark, this time from a garden shed with mascots including a sun-flower and a bird. It was broadcast four hours and a half before lunchtime and mostly featured CBBC pre-school programming, It was never broadcast on weekdays unlike the CBBC blocks on BBC1 & BBC2 and later BBC Choice, From Monday 2nd September 1996, the times were changed to 9.00am - 10.00am in the morning with a lunchtime showing from 1.00pm - 2.00pm until Friday 18th July 1997, The only change after this from Monday 1st September 1997 was the afternoon hours now being 2.30pm - 3.30pm with the morning hours being 9.00am - 10.00am. The slot was time-shared with Nick Jr which was also broadcast during the daytime on Nickelodeon from 10am - 1pm from 1996-1997. 10am - 2.30pm from 1997-1999. they aired 21 programmes included Teletubbies, Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, Monty the Dog, Oakie Doke,  Bodger and Badger, Spider, Hairy Jeremy, Why Did the Chicken?, The Little Polar Bear etc. The schedule had different programmes coming on every weekend mornings and the presenter would run down what was coming on at the beginning of the strand in the morning and afternoon, The presenter would also read out letters sent in by viewers and would tell famous jokes, There was no advert breaks during the block although they had advert breaks before and after but not during as it was a BBC Worldwide out-put, CBBC on Nickelodeon ended on Friday 16th July 1999 and was replaced by Nickelodeon's Playdays on Monday 29th November 1999 which broadcast a majority of the same programmes as CBBC on Nickelodeon, The Nick Jr slot continued broadcasting despite the launch of the channel itself from Wednesday 1st September 1999 from Monday 6th September 1999 - Friday 21st July 2000.

Programmes aired inside CBBC on Nickelodeon Edit

Gallery Edit

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Otis the Aardvark presenting on Saturday May 5, 1996 in the theatre, Fireman Sam, Monty the Dog, William,and Pingu make appearances on the cinema screen behind Otis.


Another start-up ident, this time from 1996-1997, a cartooned version with everyone walking into the cinema and taking their seats when the CBBC on Nickelodeon logo appears on the screen but this one is a still-shot of the logo appearing outside the cinema.

Snapshot 4 (10-08-2015 17-03)

Otis presenting again, sometime on December 1996, now outside the theatre, linking into Tom and Vicky with the ice cream parlour behind him with refreshments.

Snapshot 5 (10-08-2015 17-08)

Marvin the Aardvark presenting on Tuesday 3rd February 1998 with the sunflower next to him in the garden shed.

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Marvin P. Porcuvark presenting again, this time on Saturday 4th 1997 with a run down of what's coming up including Hairy Jeremy, The Animals of Farthing Wood, Monty the Dog, Fireman Sam, Tom and Vicky, Dennis the Menace and Why Did the Chicken?, then linking into the Oakie Doke.

Snapshot 6 (10-08-2015 17-14)

Marvin the Aardvark starting up CBBC on Nick in the morning this time from 1998, again running down what's coming up which includes Rupert Bear, Barney, The Raggy Dolls, Noddy, another episode of the Teletubbies, Quintuplets and Dennis the Menace, then linking into the Teletubbies.

Snapshot 7 (10-08-2015 17-16)

Otis the Aardvark closing up shop, also from sometime in December 1996, this time with a rundown of what's comiing up next day including the Teletubbies, Rupert Bear, Fireman Sam, The Adventures of the Garden Fairies, William's Wish Wellingtons, another episode of the Teletubbies, Quintuplets and Dennis the Menace.