El Nombre was an anthropomorphic Mexican gerbil, originally from a series of educational sketches on The Really Wild Show, the BBC schools programme about mathematics; he was also the only individual to appear in all sixty-eight (seventy-eight, if counting those from the "revised" version of the first series) episodes, as its original host, Lolita Chakrabarti, was relieved of her position after the end of the fourth series in 1996. His voice was provided by Steve Steen (who had previously played Romantic poet Lord Byron in Ink and Incapability, the second episode of Blackadder the Third), while the other characters' voices were provided by Sophie Aldred (who had played Ace on Doctor Who), Spitting Image impressionist Kate Robbins, and (from 2000) former Blue Peter host Janet Ellis - and his name actually means "The Name" in Spanish, not "The Number", which would be "El Número", It also features a song "Holding Out For a Hero" by a Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler

Repeats Edit

El Nombre was first shown on BBC One on Saturday 20th April 1996 in the morning, and had never been rerunning on BBC Two, CBBC on Choice has shown Series 1 from the first weekend on Saturday 4th December 1999 - Sunday 2nd January 2000 at 8.40am, then on Saturday 29th April 2000 - Sunday 28th May 2000 after the provisional secondary programming block, The Really Wild Show, then from Saturday 5th March 2001 - Sunday 8th April 2001 at 2.55pm. They didn't show Series 2 and Series 1 was aired once.

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