Gremlyn in the Works was the name of a special theme-sectioned programme broadcast on CBBC on Choice from Saturday 9th September 2000 - Sunday 25th March 2001.


The strand was launched on Saturday 9th September 2000 at weekend lunchtimes and teatimes from 12.00pm - 12.30pm and 6.30pm - 7.00pm after Gremlyn TV launched on Monday 4th September 2000 on weekday mornings at 6.00am and 6.30pm at teatimes. Gremlyn TV was an animation programming strand to celebrate stop-motion animation being broadcast on CBBC on Choice, They broadcasted Brum (Series 2 only and was the only live-action series shown on Gremlyn TV), Charlie Chalk , Mr Benn , Pigeon Street and Postman Pat. Gremlyn in the Works was a make-and-do programming strand to celebrate make-and-do being broadcast on CBBC on Choice, It showed all 77 episodes and 6 seasons of make-and-do series Bitsa as double bills. Both Gremlyn TV and Gremlyn in the Works were presented by Emlyn the Gremlyn and were both shown twice on a 4-month loop which brings the total to 8-months altogether. It featured an special ident featured Emlyn and the "Gremlyn in the Works" name accompanied by music, The continuity links for Gremlyn in the Works featured Emlyn presenting in the CBBC garden with his workshop displayed and had a alien mascot called Pop which frequently appeared in the continuity links with Emlyn, there was no live-action presenter unlike in the main CBBC on Choice links when Emlyn is presenting with either Michael or Adrian. The first time the strand was broadcast was Saturday September 9th 2000 - Saturday January 6th 2001 when they showed the final episode of Series 6 at 12.00pm and 6.30pm and then re-started at Episode 1 at 12.15pm and 6.45pm on Saturday January 6th 2001 - Sunday March 25th 2001. The following weekend it was replaced by double bills of Mortimer and Arabel and Simon and the Witch on Wacky Weekend from Saturday March 31st 2001, Emlyn the Gremlyn left CBBC in April 2001.