Michael Paul Underwood (born 26 October 1975 in Northampton) is an English television presenter.

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Michael presenting CBBC on Choice on Saturday 6th January 2001, he returned to present for one week only and this is linking into Jonny Briggs, he is joined by the Teletubbies.

CBBC on Choice Edit

Michael Underwood was the first presenter of CBBC on Choice from Day 1 on Monday 29th November 1999, he presented from the CBBC studios linking into the programmes, showing birthday cards, drawings and pictures on air just like he did on BBC1 and BBC2, He left in November 2000 when fellow presenter Adrian Dickson overtook as main presenter after a year although he returned on the weekend of Saturday 6th January - Sunday 7th January 2001 to present for one week only.

Career Edit

Underwood attended Weston Favell Academy in Northampton; he later graduated from Plymouth University's Rolle College, Exmouth with a BEd (Hons) in Drama & Performance. Before winning a six-week CBBC presenting contract on the BBC television show Whatever You Want, Underwood had previously made it to the last four in interviews for the Blue Peter vacancy subsequently filled by Simon Thomas.[citation needed]

In 2006, Underwood duetted with X Factor's Andy Abraham on the Christmas single, "December Brings Me Back To You".

Underwood competed in the 2008 series of Dancing on Ice, partnered by professional skater Melanie Lambert. However, he pulled out of the series following a broken ankle in the run-up to the third show. The following year he took part in the series again, in its fourth series.

Underwood runs his own film blog[1]

Underwood presented on Heart FM From April 22, 2013 for South Coast Breakfast with Zoe Hanson. He left this role on 20 December 2013 to concentrate on his young family.[2]

In early 2014, he presented the ITV entertainment series Let Me Entertain You on Saturday nights. The show didn't return for a second series. Underwood is currently a reporter on the ITV series Surprise Surprise and Real Stories with Ranvir Singh.

Personal life Edit

Underwood married his former CBBC co-star Angellica Bell in New York in December 2010.[3] On 9 June 2011, Underwood announced that Bell was expecting their first child.[4] The baby, Elijah Joseph, was born on 26 December 2011.

It was announced on Twitter in early 2013 that Underwood and wife, Angellica would be expecting their second child. Their daughter Keziah Mae was born in June 2013, Underwood was quoted saying 'two under two, we are crazy.'

Filmography Edit

  • The Crystal Maze: Team captain on the first kids' special 1990
  • Whatever You Want: Where he won the CBBC contract 1999
  • CBBC: continuity presenter (1999–2002)
  • Hollywood 7: Pizza Delivery Boy
  • The Make Shift: presenter
  • CITV: continuity presenter (2002–2003)
  • The White Knuckle Tour: presenter
  • Eliminator: presenter
  • The Big Bang: presenter
  • Starfinder: presenter
  • Jungle Run: presenter series 3 and 4 (52 episodes)
  • Ministry of Mayhem: presenter (2004)
  • Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005: British Final presenter (also in 2004)
  • Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005: commentator
  • The British Soap Awards: (2006) ITV2 presenter
  • ITV2 Celebrity Daredevils: "SAS Training"
  • It Shouldn't Happen To A Showbiz Reporter: showbiz reporter 2005
  • GMTV: Entertainment Correspondent (2005–2008)
  • Wet Wet Wet's "Too Many People" music video
  • Dancing on Ice celebrity skater 2008 (forced to withdraw three weeks into the competition due to a broken ankle)
  • Harry Hill's TV Burp
  • Bingo Night Live: presenter 2008
  • The Wright Stuff: guest
  • Loose Women: guest
  • The X Factor - co-presented in Derry
  • Dancing on Ice celebrity skater 2009 (returning as competitor)
  • The British Soap Awards (2009): ITV2 backstage presenter
  • All Star Mr and Mrs with Angellica Bell, contestants
  • The X Factor - co-presented in Colchester in 2009
  • Live from Studio Five: guest presenter 2010
  • The Door: contestant 2010
  • The British Soap Awards (2010): ITV backstage interview presenter
  • British Soap Awards: The After Party (2010): ITV2 presenter
  • The Zone: presenter 2010
  • Daybreak: Competition presenter
  • OK! TV: Guest presenter
  • Born To Shine: Contestant
  • Celebrity Masterchef 2012
  • Celebrity Mastermind 2012: Contestant
  • Let Me Entertain You (2014) - Presenter
  • Surprise Surprise (2014–present) - Reporter
  • Real Stories with Ranvir Singh (2015) - Reporter

Gallery Edit

400214 294089357307363 1502474337 n

Michael Underwood presenting another day of CBBC on Choice from August 2000 this time the camera has a different angle to it.

400309 294114677304831 1421949046 n

Michael and Emlyn presenting CBBC on Choice in November 2000 linking into Simon and the Witch with a video image of different programmes on the background screens, this shot includes Playdays, Bodger and Badger, Tweenies and Monty the Dog.

404424 293163344066631 1630610156 n

Michael Underwood presenting on Wednesday 23rd August 2000 linking into Oakie Doke with a different background on the screens.

404754 293163367399962 234346268 n

Michael Underwood presenting once again this time on Wednesday 26th July 2000 linking into ChuckleVision with once again a different background being featured.

407909 293163314066634 1644834060 n

Michael Underwood presenting in August 2000 with the fish ident playing in the background.

416991 294069683975997 1462042603 n

Another continuity image with Michael from Monday 24th July 2000 linking into ChuckleVision, this was the day when Series 3 launched on CBBC on Choice when they only showed 9 episodes. Also there's a change of background as the postal address is present.

417017 295090143873951 1945235693 n

Michael returned to present CBBC on Choice on Saturday 6th January 2001 for one week only linking into Jonny Briggs, presenting though from one of the CBBC desks with all 4 Teletubbies joining him also.

417271 295111260538506 2022144064 n

Michael presenting CBBC on Choice from July 2000 linking into Bodger and Badger, the videowall is featuring an image from the closedown ident.

419617 295090163873949 684463688 n

Michael presenting on Sunday 7th January 2001 from one of the CBBC desks, he's joined by the 4 teletubbies and Jess the Cat.

421263 295111277205171 1458343675 n

Michael presenting CBBC on Choice again this time from Monday 14th February 2000, the videowall is showing different colours and he's also joined by the Tweenies, Pingu, La La and Jess the Cat.

425749 294114027304896 604439901 n

Michael Underwood and Emlyn the Gremlin presenting on the weekend in September 2000 linking into Simon and the Witch, the background video now features the mouse ident.

428253 294114233971542 699367744 n

Michael and Emlyn presenting CBBC on Choice on Saturday 21st October 2000 linking into Simon and the Witch, this time with a change of background image to a still shot of the spaceship ident.

430125 294111923971773 494486343 n

Michael presenting another day of CBBC on Choice in August 2000, also joined by cardboard cut outs of Bob the Builder and Noddy.