Postman Pat is a British stop-motion animated children's television series first produced by Woodland Animations. It is aimed at pre-school children, and concerns the adventures of Pat Clifton, a postman in the fictional village of Greendale (inspired by the real valley of Longsleddale near Kendal).[3]

Postman Pat′s first 13-episode series was screened on BBC1 in 1981.[4] John Cunliffe wrote the original treatment and scripts, and it was directed by animator Ivor Wood, who also worked on The Magic Roundabout, The Wombles, Paddington Bear, and The Herbs. Following the success of the first series, and that of several TV specials in between, a second series of 13 episodes was produced by the same crew in 1996. Here, Pat had a family for the first time. A new version of the series has been produced by Cosgrove Hall from 2004, which expanded on many aspects of the original series. In 2000, Royal Mail stopped using Postman Pat for their promotional and charity work.[5][6] The television programme continues to use the Royal Mail logo on his postal van PAT 1.

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Plot Edit

Each episode follows the adventures of Pat Clifton, a friendly country postman, and his "black and white cat" Jess, as he delivers the post through the valley of Greendale. Although he initially concentrates on delivering his letters, he nearly always becomes distracted by a concern of one of the villagers and is usually relied upon to resolve their problems. Notable villagers include the postmistress, Mrs Goggins; Alf Thompson, a farmer; and the local handyman and inventor, Ted Glen.

In the new series, Postman Pat Special Delivery Service (SDS), Postman Pat has been promoted to Head of the SDS and is now called upon to deliver anything. Each episode follows Postman Pat until 2013 on a Special Delivery mission, from rescuing a runaway cow to delivering a giant ice cube. In his new role, Postman Pat commutes to the nearby town of Pencaster where he collects his special deliveries from the Pencaster Mail Centre. Postman Pat now has a new fleet of vehicles including a helicopter, 4x4 Jeep and motorbike, complete with side-car for Jess.

Setting Edit

Postman Pat is set in the fictional village of Greendale and the nearby town of Pencaster, on the border between Cumbria and North Yorkshire.

Greendale is a large, busy village situated in the heart of the Cumbrian countryside. Running through the centre of the village is the High Street, home to Mrs Goggins' Post Office and shop, an unofficial meeting house for the residents. Located on the edge of the village is the railway station, home to the Greendale Rocket. Nisha Bains runs a popular café there with Sara while her husband Ajay runs a regular schedule on the Greendale Rocket to the nearby town of Pencaster. In the original series (1 and 2), Greendale consisted of windy and narrow country roads in the valley which usually had some involvement as to why Pat had problems with his rounds, as the lanes would be blocked or full of snow drifts that were not passable.

Pencaster is a large, bustling, modern town located within easy commuting distance for the villagers of Greendale. Situated on the waterfront, Pencaster is a hive of activity, boasting a market square in the centre surrounded by shops, houses, a large railway station, state-of-the-art buildings and a boat jetty.

In the second series of the show from the mid-90s, the area is referred to as Garner Bridge, and is located in Greendale. For example, in the episode "Postman Pat and the Suit of Armour", Greendale Post Office is referred to as "Garner Bridge Post Office".

Ingledale is another large, busy village town situated in the heart of the North Yorkshire countryside, only seen once in the short second series of 1991.

The inspiration for the post office itself comes from that located on the Kendal street where Cunliffe lived when he was writing the original treatment. The post office, at 10 Greenside, closed in 2003.[8]

Characters Edit

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Main characters

  • Pat Clifton, better known as Postman Pat, was the

village postman for Greendale and has now been promoted to head of the 'Special Delivery Service' in nearby Pencaster. Pat lives at Forge Cottage in Greendale with his wife Sara and son Julian, who is six years old. In the movie, he decides to win a trip to Italy with Sara.

  • Jess the Cat is Pat's black and white cat who goes everywhere with him.[9]

B Edit

Ajay Bains — train driver. He is in charge of the Pencaster Flyer as well as his beloved Greendale Rocket steam train. He and his family have moved to Pencaster from India. Nikhil Bains — Ten-month-old baby boy of Ajay and Nisha. Nisha Bains — Ajay’s wife, who combines running the Station Café with looking after her two children, Meera (8) and Nikhil (ten months). Meera Bains — Eight-year-old daughter of Ajay and Nisha and also Julian Clifton's pen pal . Shabnam Bains — Unseen, but Ajays' first child, who lives in India with her grandmother. Mrs. Bains — Unseen, but the mother of Ajay, who lives with her granddaughter Shabnam in India.

C Edit

Jess the Cat — Postman Pat's black-and-white cat. He is very clever and always seems to be able to help people when they are in need. Julian Clifton — Seven-year-old schoolchild and the only child of Postman Pat and Sara. Pat Clifton — Postman, main character and primary protagonist; husband of Sara and father of Julian. He always manages to land himself in difficult and/or amusing situations, and is friends with almost everyone in Greendale and the surrounding countryside of whom he meets on his rounds. Sara Clifton — Pat's wife and Julian's mother. In the early episodes, Sara is a stay-at-home mother, but from Series 3 onwards, she has a part-time job in the station cafe with her new friend Nisha. She has a fairly insignificant role in the show but remains structurally integral to the character cast. "Postman Pat and the Big Surprise" mentioned that Sara once worked in a Post Office. Mat Clifton — Pat's American cousin and Julian's uncle and appeared in "Postman Pat's Pirate Treasure" since he hid the Greendale cup years ago when he was young. He came to Greendale to find it with the help from Pat, Meera and Julian in time for the Flower Show.

D Edit

Granny Dryden — Granny Dryden is a friendly old lady who lives in a cottage in the Greendale countryside with Miss Hubbard (the character has not been shown or seen on the show since 2005). She is mildly infirm, hence her asking Pat to help her with assorted household jobs. She is also very hard of hearing, begetting the need for Pat to talk loudly to her. She has lots of old belongings, many of which she has given to Pat and others, for example a tuba in "Postman Pat and the Tuba" and an old diary to Miss Hubbard in "Postman Pat and the Suit of Armour".

F Edit

Peter Fogg — Peter is another farmer who works at Greendale Farm with the Pottages and lives with his wife Jenny.

Major Forbes — Major Forbes is an old, deerstalker wearing army major and says things such as "Eh what?" "Old chap" and "good man."

G Edit

Ted Glen/Ted Glenn — Ted is the local handyman and can just about fix anything you'd ever need to mend. Ted is something of an inventor and enjoys inventing strange contraptions; he mostly occupies himself with general pottering about in his workshop or fixing his ageing Land-Rover lorry/full-sized pick-up truck. Sarah Gilbertson — Brunette wide haired schoolchild, daughter of Dr. Sylvia Gilbertson. She can be very bossy and full of herself, sometimes with explosive results, but is good friends with all the local children. Dr. Sylvia Gilbertson — Greendale's blonde Welsh doctor and mother of Sarah Gilbertson. Bonnie Goggins — Mrs Goggins' white West Highland Terrier. Mrs Goggins — The village postmistress in Greendale, Mrs Goggins came to Greendale from Scotland and has a small West Highland Terrier, Bonnie. Her full name is Euphegenia Gertrude Goggins.

H Edit

Rebecca Hubbard — Miss Hubbard is a friend of Pat who also lives in a cottage in the countryside like Granny Dryden. She has her own bike and always likes to go to choir practice.

L Edit

Michael Lam — He runs the mobile shop and library. George Lancaster — A farmer at Intake Farm.

P Edit

Julia Pottage — Black-haired orchard farmer, mother of Katy and Tom. Katy Pottage — Blonde girl with twin brother Tom. Tom Pottage — Timid blond boy with twin sister Katy. Charlie Pringle — Seven years old and very clever; loves science. In some ways he looks similar to Pat, because he has a long nose and glasses. Jeff Pringle — School teacher and father of Charlie.

S Edit

Arthur Selby — The black-haired policeman with a moustache, he patrols in Greendale and Pencaster. The father of Lucy Selby, usually referred to as just PC Selby, or Arthur in the case of the adults of Greendale. He is highly incompetent and also takes his business very seriously. Lucy Selby — Brunette schoolchild and the seven-year-old daughter of PC Selby.

T Edit

Ben Taylor — General Manager of the Pencaster Sorting Office who works with Pat for the Special Delivery Service. Lauren Taylor — Wife of Ben and the new schoolteacher in Greendale. Lizzy Taylor — Nine-year-old schoolchild and daughter of Ben and Lauren. Lizzy is a wheelchair user and has been since birth. Alf Thompson — Alf is a black-haired farmer with a moustache who runs Thompson Ground with his wife Dorothy. Bill Thompson — Black-haired ten-year-old schoolchild and the son of Alf and Dorothy. Dorothy Thompson — A blonde farmer's wife, Dorothy runs Thompson Ground with Alf Thompson. Reverend Timms — The white-haired local Vicar in Greendale.

W Edit

Sam Waldron — Sam Waldron is the owner of a mobile shop. He is a good old friend of Pat; they once assisted each other by delivering together. Pat often picks up the odd pack of biscuits or cough medicine from the shop. Amy Wrigglesworth — Amy is a vet who has come to work from Skegness. Pumpkin Wrigglesworth — Pumpkin is Amy's Welsh mountain pony and can be very stubborn and grumpy.

Episode list Edit

The episode number follows the first broadcast order.

Series 1 (1981–1982) Edit

# Original airdate Episode Title Description
1–101 16 September 1981[3] "Postman Pat's Finding Day" Pat calls to the Post Office and today most of the post is for Katy

and Tom because it is their birthday. Pat goes to deliver the post to them. Poor Katy is not having a happy birthday because she has lost Sarah-Ann, her doll that she takes everywhere. Pat's round then becomes a search for the missing doll. He comes across a load of other things but not the doll. Will he find Katy's missing doll in order to save the day?

2–102 23 September 1981 "Postman Pat and the Magpie Hen" Pat stops for a picnic lunch near Thompson Ground halfway through

his round. He falls asleep in the warm sunshine. Some hens cause mischief, one takes Pat's sandwiches and the other takes Pat's keys. The bird Drops the keys into a nest in the tree, Pat climbs up the tree to get his keys back as he was climbing towards them the branch gave way under him and Pat came falling out the tree and landed in the middle of a prickly bush, Dorothy soon comes to see what the commotion is about. Pat and Dorothy then go to get a ladder and Pat climbs up the ladder to find a magpie's nest with some other missing things. Who has ever heard of a magpie hen?

3–103 30 September 1981 "Postman Pat's Birthday" Pat always thought he had managed to keep the date of his birthday

to himself. He tells Jess not to give his secret away. When he arrives at the Post Office, most of the post is for him. As he then goes on his round, everyone he meets knows it's his birthday.

4–104 7 October 1981 "Pat's Rainy Day" It was a heavy rainy day in Greendale. Even the letters are wet when

Pat goes to the Post Office to collect them. At last, the rain stopped, he goes to deliver his wet letters at the village school, then Peter Fogg shows Pat shows his new tractor with the bulldozer plough, then the church roof is leaking, so Pat must ask Ted to have a look. Later Pat is stopped when a road has to be cleared of a blockage of mud. Bill brings his model plane and Pat ties an SOS message to it and flies it over to Peter, giving him the message to clear the blockage with his tractor and bulldozer plough.

5–105 14 October 1981 "The Sheep In The Clover Field" It is a cloudy morning, but the sun brightens up, and Pat is having a

late day after his van gets stuck in the mud. When he arrives at the Post Office, Mrs Goggins shows him a newspaper article about Major Forbes' bull. Later Ted stops Pat and they have to get some sheep out of a field filled with clovers. Pat and Ted get chased by a bull and Ted thinks he's broken his ankle so Pat goes to fetch Dr Gilbertson from the village, then Dr Gilbertson bandages Ted's ankle, then Pat takes Dr Gilbertson and Ted home.

6–106 21 October 1981 "Pat's Tractor Express" Pat calls at the post office to collect a registered letter to the

camp site, and a parcel for Granny Dryden. Pat has to help Peter Fogg get some wandering sheep out of Mr. Jackson's Garden, then he delivers Granny Dryden's parcel and asks her to get him a new digital watch from her catalogue. He then delivers some eggs and the registered letter to the campsite. The letter is too valuable to leave and the campers are at the waterfall. Pat's van can't travel the bumpy road so Miss Hubbard borrows a tractor and takes him on a rather bumpy ride to the waterfall. When Pat returns to his van, he sees that a hen has got in and laid an egg.

7–107 28 October 1981 "Pat's Thirsty Day" Greendale has not had any rain for weeks, and it's a very hot day

today, and the water supply has had to be turned off. When Pat arrives at the Post Office, Mrs. Goggins gives him some lemonade to quench his thirst. Later Granny Dryden shows Pat an old water pump in the village. Can Ted fix it in order to get a water supply working? Plus Pat gets his new digital watch.

8–108 4 November 1981 "Pat's Windy Day" It's a windy day in Greendale, and Pat finds it hard to steer his

van in such a big wind, and Alf Thompson was blown of his feet. A fallen tree blocks the road and Peter goes to borrow a chainsaw from the forestry commission to cut the tree up. When Pat can get on his way again, his van's engine jerks. Pat gets out to have a look at it and the wind blows his hat off into the lake and Pat has lost it. Then he fixes his van, his letters were blown at the village school, so the children catch then. Then Pat helps Granny Dryden to get her washing back, then she shows Pat her scarecrow has got Pat's hat back for him.

9–109 30 August 1982 "Pat's Foggy Day" There is a thick fog in Greendale. Pat stops at the Post Office to

have a cup of tea, and a biscuit. Pat feels silly when he thinks a scarecrow is Ted and gives him a letter. When Pat calls at the church, Jess gets out of the van. Pat soon finds him but they end up completely lost in the fog. When Miss Hubbard arrives at the church to see the Reverend Timms, she suggests that they ring the church bells to guide Pat and Jess back to the church.

10–110 6 September 1982 "Pat's Difficult Day" Pat's alarm-clock fails to wake him up. Miss Hubbard passing by

outside rings her bicycle bell to wake him up. Pat has to rush out to work in a hurry! When he calls at the Post Office, Mrs Goggins has a parcel of some spare parts for Ted and it just falls to bits. Poor Pat just ends up having a day full of disasters where one thing after another goes wrong, including spraining his wrist: Sam Waldron gives him and the post a lift in his mobile shop.

11–111 13 September 1982 "Pat Goes Sledging" Heavy snow has fallen in Greendale and Peter has to clear the roads

with his tractor and bulldozer blade. When Pat calls to see Mrs Pottage, everyone has to help dig the snow away but it eventually becomes so bad that Peter has to turn back. When Pat arrives at Thompson Ground, Pat and Alf go on a sledge to deliver a parcel and some groceries to George at Hill Top Farm.

12–112 20 September 1982 "Letters On Ice" There is another snowfall has fallen in Greendale, and it's a very

hard winter. Pat delivers Granny Dryden's shopping and a letter from her daughter Sally in London. When Pat stops at Ted Glen's workshop, Ted lends him some old skates that belonged to "our Bert in Australia". When the road is blocked, Pat has to skate over the ice to deliver the post. He finds it difficult to skate on the ice though. Pat stops at the village school, he and Ted go to help Miss Hubbard find her bicycle.

13–113 27 September 1982 "Pat Takes a Message" It has been wild and windy in Greendale, and the telephone lines are

down. Pat calls to collect an Australian stamp from the Reverend Timms, who will be visiting London to meet his sister Elsie from Australia. When Pat arrives at the Post Office, Elsie phones Mrs Goggins (her phone still works) to say she will come straight to Greendale because her flight was diverted to Manchester, and Pat has to catch up with the Reverend, with the help of Miss Hubbard's bicycle, and Ted's roller skates. Will Pat be able to stop the Reverend from catching the train to London?

Series 2 (1997) Edit

# Original airdate Episode Title Description
18–118 3 April 1997 "Postman Pat And The Hole In The Road" Mr Pringle has been teaching the children about volcanoes and

earthquakes. The next day this makes Pat think about holes in the road. While on his rounds, he gets diverted round in a big circle. PC Selby lets all traffic pass through Thompson Ground and Ted gets ready to mend the hole with tar.

19–119 10 April 1997 "Postman Pat And The Suit Of Armour" Garner Hall is opening to the public. Ted builds a shiny suit of

metal armour and when he decides tries the suit on, he can't see where he's going. He crashes about, making an awful clanking noise.

20–120 17 April 1997 "Postman Pat In A Muddle" A huge parcel arrives at the Post Office and it squashes Pat's

glasses after he puts them down on the counter. Mrs Goggins lends Pat one of her old pairs of glasses. Pat still can't see properly, meaning he can't read or drive, so Ted offers to take him in his lorry.

21–121 24 April 1997 "Postman Pat Misses The Show" The villagers prepare for a Greendale arts show. Ted lends Pat some

clay but it makes a mess. Pat makes a clay sculpture of Jess. When he is travels to the art show, his van runs out of petrol. Sam lends him some more petrol but it soon runs out again.

22–122 1 May 1997 "Postman Pat Follows A Trail" Pat finds a long string across the road and follows it to see where

it leads. It leads to a tree where Katy and Tom's kite is stuck. Pat needs to find someone with a ladder, so he can rescue the kite.

23–123 8 May 1997 "Postman Pat Has The Best Village" The villagers prepare to enter a best village competition. Will Greendale win first prize – and where has Ted's lorry got to?
24–124 15 May 1997 "Postman Pat Paints The Ceiling" Pat offers to paint the ceiling for Granny Dryden, but some paint

spills down his trousers. Pat goes home to change and gets an odd pair of trousers and Sarah can't help laughing. During his rounds, everyone wonders why on Earth Pat is out doing his rounds in shorts.

25–125 22 May 1997 "Postman Pat Has Too Many Parcels" Mail order madness has taken over Greendale, meaning Pat has a lot

more parcels than usual. Ted devises a motorised scooter to make Pat's job easier but it proves to be more trouble than it's worth...

26–126 29 May 1997 "Postman Pat And The Big Surprise" Pat does some gardening before work. When he tries to remove a weed,

he sprains his back and Sara calls Dr Gilbertson in. Pat needs a day in bed so Sara offers to take the post instead. Everyone is surprised to see Sara delivering the post instead of Pat. Sara has also forgotten something.

27–127 5 June 1997 "Postman Pat And The Robot" Ted invents a new robot postman to help give Pat a rest. When it

goes out for its test run and arrives at the Post Office, it scares Mrs Goggins. When it gets loaded with post, it causes havoc over Greendale. Pat and Ted follow after the robot in Pat's Post Bus.

28–128 1 September 1997 "Postman Pat Takes Flight" The Major Forbes prepares for a film show about his balloon flights

across the world. When Pat arrives at Garner Hall, the Major asks Pat to climb onto the roof, untangle the string and cast him off into the sky. Unfortunately it sets off with Pat still clinging to the basket up and up and away!

29–129 5 September 1997 "Postman Pat And The Beast Of Greendale" A strange creature is on the loose all over Greendale. First it

chewed up Pat's sandwiches, then Dorothy's carrots, then Granny Dryden's washing line, knocked over Miss Hubbard off her bike, then brakes Major Forbes flower pots and it makes a racket in the Village Church! Who can it be?

30–130 8 September 1997 "Postman Pat And The Mystery Tour" Pat is due to take Mr Pringle and the school children on a Mystery

Tour on the Post Bus. They got their clues from Granny Dryden, Major Forbes, Miss Hubbard, Peter Fogg, Mrs Goggins and Ted Glen, but where will they end up?

Series 3 (2004) Edit

Episode # Series # Episode Title Original airdate
33 1 "Postman Pat And The Runaway Kite" 7 September 2004

villagers prepare to enter Ajay's kite festival. Jess loves all the activity but his curiosity gets the better of him when he steps onto Ted's kite and it takes off.

34 2 "Postman Pat And The Hungry Goat" 8 September 2004

goat Rosie escapes so Pat and Alf help to round her up but not she does a lot damage like eating the labels off Pat's parcels.

35 3 "Postman Pat And The Ice Cream Machine" 9 September 2004

invents an ice cream machine for the picnic. When the power cuts out, the ever-inventive Ted tries all kinds of ways to get his machine back in action – including connecting it up to Pat's van.

36 4 "Postman Pat And The Great Greendale Race" 10 September 2004
The villagers have a race to see whose vehicle is the best. Whose vehicle will be the best?
38 5 "Postman Pat And The Jumble Sale" 14 September 2004
It's National Recycling week and Nisha is organising a Jumble sale.
39 6 "Postman Pat The Magician" 15 September 2004
Pat is to be a magician at Meera's birthday party and Ted builds a magic stage to make Jess disappear.
40 7 "Postman Pat And The Spotty Situation" 16 September 2004
When a nasty bout of chicken pox comes to Greendale, Pat spends a busy day delivering calamine lotion to everyone who needs it.
41 8 "Postman Pat And The Greendale Movie" 17 September 2004
Pat receives his own video camera and goes round making a video diary of Greendale's events.
43 9 "Postman Pat Goes Football Crazy" 21 September 2004
Pat and Julian are to take part in a Greendale football match. Will Pat still have all his skills?
44 10 "Postman Pat's Pigeon Post" 22 September 2004

offers to take Alf's racing pigeon Cederic to the vets in Pencaster but his van runs out of petrol. Will anyone be able to find Pat?

45 11 "Postman Pat And A Job Well Done" 23 September 2004

is to give a class talk about peoples' jobs so Pat takes him on his round to find out while Ted varnishes the schoolroom floor.

46 12 "Postman Pat And The Green Rabbit" 24 September 2004

offers to babysit Nikhil during his round while Julian goes with Sara, Nisha and Meera to the cinema in Pencaster. But Nikhil can't sleep without his green rabbit toy.

47 13 "Postman Pat And The Big Butterflies" 27 September 2004

escaped butterflies from Pencaster Zoo go on the loose in Greendale. Whoever catches them will get free tickets to the zoo so the children try to catch them.

Series 4 (2004) Edit

Episode # Series #[4] Episode Title Original airdate
48 1 "Postman Pat And The Troublesome Train" 28 September 2004
Pat has the day off so he offers to help Ted and Ajay to drive the Greendale Rocket.
49 2 "Postman Pat And The Flying Saucers" 29 September 2004

children are out hunting for UFOs, whilst Ted's new invention – the Washer-Sorter Machine – is playing up. Later, a strange bubble creature appears in the station café...

50 3 "Postman Pat At The Seaside" 30 September 2004
The children are bored on a sunny day. Meanwhile some sand falls off the back of Ted's lorry and onto the road.
51 4 "Postman Pat And The Job Swap Day" 1 October 2004
The school roof needs repairing so Pat suggests that Greendale has a job swap day to raise enough sponsorship money.
52 5 "Postman Pat's Disappearing Dotty" 4 October 2004

is looking after the school guniea pig, Dotty, but on her first night at the Clifton residence she escapes. The next morning, everyone is looking for Dotty. When Pat leaves for work, it turns out she is following him on his rounds...

53 6 "Postman Pat's Popstars" 5 October 2004

in Greendale is auditioning for Charlie and Julian's new band. It seems no one is right, but will Lucy Selby have the confidence to audition?

54 7 "Postman Pat and the Great Dinosaur Hunt" 6 October 2004

Ted and the villagers are working hard on a very special surprise for the children. Meanwhile, the children are looking for dinosaurs, and it's not long before they find one...

55 8 "Postman Pat And The Spooky Sleepover" 7 October 2004

friends are staying for a sleep over, but Jess has disappeared and there's a strange noise coming from the cupboard under the stairs...

56 9 "Postman Pat And The Midsummer Market" 8 October 2004

always been a tradition for the Reverend Timms to ring the church bells at the start of Greendale's Midsummer market. However, when Alf's racing Pidgeon Cedric settles next to the bell, it becomes impossible...

57 10 "Postman Pat And The Train Inspector" 11 October 2004

receives a letter and learns that the Greendale station and Rocket locomotive are to be inspected that afternoon. The other villagers lend a hand and Ajay passes with flying colours.

58 11 "Postman Pat And The Ice Ladder" 12 October 2004

children are having a great time sledging, but disaster strikes when Katy and Tom get stuck on an icey pond. How can Pat and Alf's ladder help?

59 12 "Postman Pat And The Rocket Rescue" 13 October 2004

still winter in Greendale and the children are making a snowman. Then, they lose control of a large snowball and it crashes onto the railway line, but the Greendale Rocket is on its way...

60 13 "Postman Pat's Perfect Painting" 14 October 2004

delivers a new supply of arts materials to the school. There, the children are making pictures of their favourite adventure from the past year. Everyone except Sara Gilbertson, who cannot think of anything. The children make sculptures and drawings to show to their parents at the school open day

Series 5 (2005) Edit

Episode # Series #[5] Episode Title Original airdate
61 1 "Postman Pat And The Big Balloon Ride" 27 February 2005

Goggins is feeling sad so Pat plans to takes her on a ride in Ted's old hot air balloon. Then, when Ted is called away things don't exactly go according to plan...

62 2 "Postman Pat And The Tricky Transport Day" 14 March 2005
When Pat's van breaks down one snowy day, he has to use lots of different vehicles to finish his round.
63 3 "Postman Pat And The Surprise Present" 28 February 2005

Dr. Gilbertson's birthday, but after Pat gives her a lift, she tells him she hasn't got time to bother celebrating. Pat and the other villagers all decide to throw a special party for her: Ted, Ajay, Pat and PC Selby works hard to restore a vintage car as a birthday present, the children compose a special song, and Nisha and Sarah make the birthday tea.

64 4 "Postman Pat And The Perfect Pizza" 1 March 2005
Ajay and Pat all make pizzas.
65 5 "Postman Pat And The Spring Dance" 2 March 2005

is practising different dances for Greendale's Spring Dance, but Pat isn't very good at dancing. Ted helps Pat out by teaching him how to dance. Later, Pat is able to surprise Sara by whisking her onto the dance floor.

66 6 "Postman Pat And The Thunderstorm" 3 March 2005

Julian is afraid of thunder and lightning, as is Mrs Goggins. Bonnie goes missing so Pat and Julian brave the thunderstorm to find her. Julian overcomes his fear by putting Bonnie's needs first. Censorship: This episode was banned on Cbeebies, it might also frightened children of thunder rolling and lighting.

67 7 "Postman Pat And The Playful Pets" 6 March 2005

and Bonnie are in a very playful mood today, but their mischief ends up causing trouble all over Greendale. Meanwhile, Pat helps Ted build a treehouse for the Pottage twins.

68 8 "Postman Pat And The Pink Slippers" 7 March 2005

invents a sock drying machine which, unfortunately, destroys Pat's socks so he has to borrow a pair of pink fluffy slippers, which he wears for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, the children are off on a fruit hunt.

69 9 "Postman Pat And The Runaway Train" 8 March 2005

Reverend Timms inadvertently starts the Greendale Rocket. Pat and PC Selby give chase in the patrol car, while Ajay and Mr. Pringle are in hot pursuit on the railway pump-truck...

70 10 "Postman Pat And The Pet Show" 9 March 2005
Sarah Gilbertson borrows Jess to enter him in the pet show, but he runs away.
71 11 "Postman Pat's Wild West Rescue" 10 March 2005
Julian, Meera and Bill play at being cowboys. After riding a bucking bronco, Pat helps them round up a missing sheep.
72 12 "Postman Pat's Pot Luck Picnic" 29 March 2005

the Greendale Rocket's 100th birthday and everyone prepares a dish to bring to a potluck picnic. Pat and Ted organise a surprise firework display to celebrate the great occasion.

73 13 "Postman Pat's Radio Greendale" 15 March 2005
When the kids put on an amateur radio show in the school, Charlie and the children learn the importance of working as a team.

Series 6 (2005) Edit

Episode # Series #[6] Episode Title Original airdate
74 1 "Postman Pat The Secret SuperHero" 16 March 2005

and Bill are eager to see a superhero in Greendale but can't find one. Then, the post falls out of his van and Pat goes to extraordinary lengths to retrieve it.

75 2 "Postman Pat Goes Undercover" 17 March 2005
Tom has his doubts about going on a camping trip with Pat, Jeff and the other children.
76 3 "Postman Pat And The Bowling Buddies" 20 March 2005

and PC Selby plan a bowling night on the village green, Ajay and Ted both want Pat to be their bowling partner, and Sarah is upset when Lucy gets an imaginary friend.

77 4 "Postman Pat And The Fancy Dress Party" 4 March 2005
Lucy doesn't have anything to wear to the party.
78 5 "Postman Pat And The Magic Lamp" 22 March 2005
The children make a wish that they regret.
79 6 "Postman Pat And The Sneaky Sheep" 23 March 2005
Alf's sheep are causing trouble in Greendale village.
80 7 "Postman Pat's Island Shipwreck" 24 March 2005
Ted saves the day when Pat's boat trip goes wrong.
81 8 "Postman Pat's Pied Piper" 13 March 2005
A group of mice are causing more trouble.
82 9 "Postman Pat And The Grand Custard Race" 27 March 2005

the annual sports day, Bill realises that taking part is more important than winning, and is rewarded with a Best Team Player rosette. Then, the adults have a mucky custard race, which ends with Pat covered in custard.

83 10 "Postman Pat And The Lucky Escape" 28 March 2005

and the Reverend are accidentally locked in the vestry. While PC Selby and the others chase after Dr Gilbertson to retrieve the vestry key, Pat and Reverend Timms find a way to escape through an underground passage.

84 11 "Postman Pat And The Record Breaking Day" 30 March 2005

bets Pat that he can't deliver all the post by teatime. The loser has to run around Greendale in their pyjamas. Pat wins the bet. Meanwhile, the kids are enjoying a different sort of maths lesson by counting and breaking records for skipping, hopping on one leg and catching a ball.

85 12 "Postman Pat's Missing Things" 31 March 2005

Selby has a busy day when Jess, Mabel the sheep and the Greendale Rocket all go missing. Helped by Pat, he finds them in the Greendale Tunnel, where clever Jess stopped the train before it hit a trapped Mabel.

86 13 "Postman Pat And The Flying Post" 1 April 2005

Nikhil's birthday. Ted ties helium balloons to Pat's postbag, and it goes flying off into the air. Pat and PC Selby give chase. Ted is able to make use of his hover-backpack to reach the bag and pop the balloons. Meanwhile, Lucy opens a parcel from her aunt and discovers a balloon modelling kit, so Nikhil can have birthday balloons after all.

Series 7 (2006) Edit

Episode # Series #[7] Episode Title Original airdate
88 1 "Postman Pat And The Bollywood Dance" 9 February 2006
Sarah and Meera are practising a traditional Indian dance for the school assembly but Meera's sari has not arrived.
89 2 "Postman Pat And The Stolen Strawberries" 10 February 2006

visits Dorothy who tells him that all her strawberries have gone missing. Pat saves the day, with a little help from PC Selby and his banjo.

90 3 "Postman Pat And The Pot of Gold" 13 February 2006

and the other parents decide to brighten up the school by painting a rainbow on the wall. Meera also teaches them a song to remember the colours of the rainbow.

91 4 "Postman Pat And The Greendale Knights" 14 February 2006
Pat has a surprise in store for Sarah while Lucy faces her fear...
92 5 "Postman Pat And The Fantastic Feast" 15 February 2006
A famous chef disappoints the residents of Greendale by not being able to visit, but Pat is able to organise a great day.
93 6 "Postman Pat Gets Stuck" 16 February 2006
Pat finds himself in an awkward situation and relies on some animals for help.
94 7 "Postman Pat And The Incredible Inventions" 17 February 2006
Ted has some visitors to stay when Postman Pat's house floods.
95 8 "Postman Pat And The Go-Kart Race" 20 February 2006
The residents of Greendale learn that cheats never prosper.
96 9 "Postman Pat's Pet Rescue" 21 February 2006
Jess gets into a tricky situation and needs Amy's help to get him out of it.
97 10 "Postman Pat's Pony Post" 22 February 2006
Pat has overcome his fear of horses, which has given him the chance of delivering the post on horseback.
98 11 "Postman Pat's Clifftop Adventure" 23 February 2006
Pat and Amy come to the rescue of Bessie the sheep when she gets stuck on the edge of a cliff.
99 12 "Postman Pat And The Lost Property" 24 February 2006
Meera and Julian decide to set up a lost property office and find all sorts of 'lost property' outside other people's houses.
100 13 "Postman Pat And The Talking Cat" 27 February 2006
Julian and Charlie attach a walkie-talkie to Jess' collar, to fool people into thinking that he can talk.
101 14 "Postman Pat And The Hedgehog Hideaway" 28 February 2006
Mrs Goggins finds a hedgehog in the garden behind the post office.

Series 8 (2006) Edit

Episode # Series #[8] Episode Title Original airdate
102 1 "Postman Pat Never Gives Up" 1 March 2006
A special delivery for Amy causes problems as Pat struggles to deliver the enormous crate.
103 2 "Postman Pat And The Double Disguise" 2 March 2006
Tom and Katy want to be grown-ups so they can help out, but they soon discover that being small has its advantages.
104 3 "Postman Pat's Cat Calamity" 3 March 2006

children are playing at being space explorers, but fall out with Sara because she's being bossy again. Meanwhile, Jess has gotten himself stuck up a tree. How can Ted's new invention, a litter blower help?

105 4 "Postman Pat And The Popular Policeman" 6 March 2006

Selby tells Pat that he is leaving Greendale. Pat is upset by this, but organises a party to show PC Selby how much he is loved.

106 5 "Postman Pat's Noisy Day" 7 March 2006
Pat is feeling very musical today. He keeps hearing strange and interesting sounds around Greendale.
107 6 "Postman Pat And The Disappearing Bear" 8 March 2006

comes across his beloved old teddy, Billy, and lets Julian take it to school. Unfortunately, Julian swaps the bear with Charlie and it keeps changing hands all day. Will it ever find its way back to Pat?

108 7 "Postman Pat And The Cranky Cows" 9 March 2006
With another strange package to deliver to Ted, Pat sets off across the village, eager to find out what's inside.
109 8 "Postman Pat's Big Boat Adventure" 10 March 2006
Pat has a special package to help Ted fix his boat. Unfortunately the pair end up adrift on the lake.
110 9 "Postman Pat's Holiday Hobbies" 13 March 2006
There's no post today in Greendale so Pat has the day off. Sara suggests he should keep himself busy with a new hobby.
111 10 "Postman Pat And The Grumpy Pony" 14 March 2006
Ted is fixing the hitch on the horse box, so Amy and Meera take Pumpkin for a roam around Greendale.
112 11 "Postman Pat's Fun Run" 15 March 2006
It's the day of the children's fun run. Bill sets his sights on the Mystery Prize.
113 12 "Postman Pat's Spy Mission" 16 March 2006
It's a light day for post so Pat offers to help Ted with his chores when Ted sprains his ankle.
114 13 "Postman Pat's Ice'Capade" 17 March 2006
It's winter in Greendale and everything's turned to ice -including the engine on the Greendale Rocket.
115 14 "Postman Pat's Christmas Eve" 20 March 2006
Pat has to come to the rescue when Ajay gets stuck in a snowdrift with a Christmas tree.

Series 9 (2008) Edit

This season is called Postman Pat Special Delivery Service.

This is also the first series that Ken Barrie does not voice Postman Pat but still provided a few voices for several other characters, Lewis MacLeod provided the voice instead for this series.

Episode # Series #[9] Episode Title Original airdate
116 1 "A Runaway Cow" 29 September 2008

Pat has been promoted to the Head of the Special Delivery Service, a service dedicated to delivering anything, anywhere. Pat now works for his new boss Ben and has a selection of new vehicles including a Special delivery helicopter, a new, larger eco-van, a delivery motorbike, and a new Special delivery mini-van based on Pat's 'Pat 1' from the original series. Pat's first mission is to deliver Daisy the cow safely to Alf Thomson. But Daisy has a bad habit of running away.

117 2 "A Teepee" 30 September 2008

Pat sets out to deliver a prize for the annual treasure hunt. Only the children's teacher, Lauren, knows the location of the secret treasure, but, when Pat loses Lauren's letter he must take part in the treasure hunt himself to help find it.

118 3 "A Wind Machine" 1 October 2008

Pat is given the task of delivering a wind machine to Ted Glen at his workshop. But gusty weather conditions make the task much more difficult. When the children and Ted & Lauren lose power, Pat uses the generator to save the day.

119 4 "Crazy Robots" 2 October 2008

Pat is asked to deliver two of Ted Glen's robots help Ben when the sorting machine malfunctions at the special delivery mail centre. But when the robots malfunction too, Pat has to figure out how to fix them.

120 5 "Big Balloons" 3 October 2008

Pat is given the task of delivering helium balloons to the Reverend Timms to celebrate the re-opening of Pencaster Town Hall. When the balloons are accidentally released, however, Pat has to make a daring rescue in his helicopter.

121 6 "A Bouncy Castle" 6 October 2008

Pat is supposed to deliver a bouncy castle to Lauren's class at the school in Greendale. But when it accidentally inflates in the sorting office the only way to deliver it is by using the Special Delivery helicopter.

122 7 "Charlie's Telescope" 7 October 2008

Pat is tasked with delivering a telescope to Charlie in time for the appearance of a rare comet. However, Pat's new Sat Nav system proves to be less than helpful as he tries to make his delivery, and Pat is forced to find another way to deliver it to Charlie on time.

123 8 "Fruit Bats" 8 October 2008

Pat is charged with delivering a family of fruit bats to Amy the vet. When the bats escape, however, Pat is faced with the task of getting them back safely to Amy.

124 9 "Precious Eggs" 9 October 2008

Pat given the mission of delivering duck eggs to Amy at the surgery. However, when they are accidentally sold at the market, Pat must find a way to deliver them in time before they hatch.

125 10 "Naughty Pumpkin" 10 October 2008

Pat needs to deliver Pumpkin the pony to Ben at the mail centre where Lauren and Lizzie have arranged a surprise horse riding lesson. But when Pumpkin escapes Pat must stop him from causing havoc at the market and bring him back in time for Ben.

126 11 "A Movie Feast" 13 October 2008

Pat is tasked with delivering a film reel and projector to Michael at the venue in Pencaster. However, when Pat loses the reel, he is tasked with finding it in time for the movie night.

127 12 "A Speedy Car" 14 October 2008

Pat's mission is to delivery a remote control car for Bill at his birthday party. However, the parcels get mixed up and he accidentally delivers Ted Glen's television remote. Pat is then faced with chasing the car around Greendale when it is accidentally activated.

128 13 "A Wobbly Piano" 15 October 2008

Pat is faced with the task of delivering a piano to the school in Greendale, for Lizzie, so that she can practice in time for her music concert. When his van breaks down, however, he needs help from Ted Glen to deliver it in time.

129 14 "A Slippery Ice Cube" 16 October 2008

Pat is tasked with delivering a huge block of ice to Michael for the Chinese Summer Festival. But when the ice flies out of the van, Pat has to find a way to deliver it to Michael in time.

130 15 "A Magic Jewel" 17 October 2008

is asked to deliver an Indian elephant to the school for Meera's show and tell. But when a crafty magpie grabs the elephant's jewel, Pat must find a way to get the jewel back for Meera, in time for her show and tell.

131 16 "A Teddy" 3 November 2008

task today is to deliver an extra special teddy bear that Meera has ordered for her little brother. Pat must deliver it in time for the Teddy Bear's Picnic that afternoon.

132 17 "Super Magnet" 4 November 2008

Pat's mission is to use the Special Delivery helicopter equipped with a giant magnet to help shift a water tower that has fallen across the rail tracks.

133 18 "Treehouse" 5 November 2008

is tasked with delivering a special new hibernation home to Amy, for Dora the Doormouse. However, when Pat's delivery lands in a tree, Pat is faced with recovering the Parcel for Amy and Dora.

134 19 "Green Rabbit" 6 November 2008

Pat must deliver a green rabbit toy to baby Nikhil following the breakdown of the Pencaster flyer. Nikhil cannot sleep without his green rabbit toy so Meera orders the new one that Pat must deliver.

135 20 "A Surprise" 7 November 2008

is given a special delivery to collect from Mrs Goggins at Greendale Post Office. While he is collecting the delivery, Ben is organizing a surprise party for Pat to award him the Special Delivery Gold Star. But Ben finds himself short of time as Pat quickly progresses back to Pencaster, and so must rely on the help from some of his friends to delay Pat.

136 21 "Bernie the Parrot" 10 November 2008

mission is to safely deliver Bernie the Parrot to Amy at the surgery. However, when Sarah accidentally releases Bernie, Pat finds himself chasing Bernie all the way back to Pencaster, and making a daring rescue to recover Bernie safely.

137 22 "Red Rocket" 11 November 2008

Pat is asked to deliver Ted Glens new invention, the Red Rocket, to Ted in time for the Pencaster Flying Machine Challenge. However, Pat soon finds himself behind the controls after some mischief from Alf Thompson's sheep, and due to delays has to enter the challenge in Ted's place.

138 23 "Disco Machine" 12 November 2008

must save the day when the Disco Machine is damaged at the Greendale School. With the children looking forward to the school disco only hours away, it's a race against the clock for Pat.

139 24 "Giant Cake" 13 November 2008

and the others organize a surprise party for Lucy Selby upon hearing that she is missing her Dad. Lucy has a big surprise when the special guest pops out of the giant cake.

140 25 "Ice Skates" 14 November 2008

Pat is tasked with delivering some new ice skates to Meera on the snowiest day of the year. However, the snow falls so quickly that Pat gets trapped inside the Special Delivery sorting office with Jess and Ben.

141 26 "The Flying Christmas Stocking" 19 December 2008

Christmas Eve and Pat uses the Special Delivery helicopter to collect a stocking full of Secret Santa presents that the children of Greendale school have made for the adults. However, the stocking rips mid-journey and the presents start falling out all over Greendale. Can Pat save the day?

Series 10 (2013) Edit

This is the second series of Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service.

Episode # Series # Episode Title Original airdate
142 1 "Cowboy Colin"[10] 11 February 2013
143 2 "Big Bob Bell"[11] 12 February 2013
144 3 "The Cheeky Sheep"[12] 13 February 2013
145 4 "The Metal Detector"[13] 14 February 2013
146 5 "The Crazy Crockery"[14] 15 February 2013
147 6 "The Runaway Bees"[15] 18 February 2013
148 7 "The Identical Cats"[16] 19 February 2013
149 8 "The Station Window"[17] 20 February 2013
150 9 "The Sculpture Trail"[18] 21 February 2013
151 10 "Meera's Gecko"[19] 22 February 2013
152 11 "The Booming Bagpipes"[20] 11 March 2013
153 12 "The Scarecrow"[21] 12 March 2013
154 13 "The Seaside Special"[22] 13 March 2013
155 14 "The Chinese Dragon"[23] 14 March 2013
156 15 "The Karaoke Night"[24] 15 March 2013
157 16 "The Didgeridoo"[25] 9 September 2013
158 17 "The Amazing Weather Machine"[26] 10 September 2013
159 18 "The Super Skateboard Sizzle"[27] 11 September 2013
160 19 "The Rubber Duck Race"[28] 12 September 2013
161 20 "The Sticky Situation"[29] 13 September 2013
162 21 "The Tricky Tracker"[30] 16 September 2013
163 22 "The Greendale Ukulele Big Band"[31] 17 September 2013
164 23 "The Tremendous Tree"[32] 18 September 2013
165 24 "The Great Greendale Website"[33] 19 September 2013
166 25 "The Twinkly Lights"[34] 1 November 2013
167 26 "The Christmas Panto Horse"[35] 20 December 2013

Specials Edit

Episode # Series #[36] Episode Title Original airdate
14 Special 1 "Postman Pat Takes The Bus" 25 December 1991

goes to the Post Office to collect his brand new vehicle, a Royal Mail Post Bus. He has offers to take some of his friends on a shopping trip into Ingledale.

15 Special 2 "Postman Pat And The Toy Soldiers" 2 January 1992

has been a robbery at Garner Hall and the Major Forbes' toy soldiers have been stolen. Pat calls to deliver a parcel with some new toy soldiers but leaves the wrong parcels and when he goes for a picnic lunch, he has the toy soldiers. When he arrives back at Garner Hall, PC Selby says his sandwiches are evidence.

16 Special 3 "Postman Pat And The Tuba" 29 May 1995

goes to search Granny Dryden's attic and finds an old tuba, which gives him a bright idea for Greendale's annual fete. When Pat learns to play the tuba, it makes an awful noise!

17 Special 4 "Postman Pat And The Barometer" 9 September 1995

barometer says snow is due. No-one believes him but as Mr. Pringle and the schoolchildren are out on a hike it turns out the barometer was right after all.

31 Special 5 "Postman Pat And The Greendale Rocket" 6 September 2003

children set off on a school outing and are very excited when they discover Greendale's old forgotten steam train, the Greendale Rocket. Everyone volunteers to get the Greendale Rocket back into action. Pat and Ted try to get the engine working again. Will it work again in time for the grand reopening?

32 Special 6 "Postman Pat's Magic Christmas" 25 December 2003

has so many parcels and letters to deliver he doesn't know how he will get his rounds done in time for the village Christmas party and make a surprise visit as Santa Claus. But help is at hand from a very cheerful stranger with a big white beard and shiny black boots – who could it be?

37 Special 7 "Postman Pat Clowns Around" 13 September 2004

children are disappointed when the circus has to cancel its visit to Greendale due to ill performers so the villagers prepare to put on their very own circus.

42 Special 8 "Postman Pat's Pirate Treasure" 20 September 2004

cousin Matt arrives from America. He owns his own boat so Pat and Julian sail with him to a small island. Can they find the Greendale cup, which Matt buried as a boy, in time for the annual flower show?

87 Special 9 "Postman Pat's Great Big Birthday" 2 April 2005

in Greendale is helping to arrange a surprise party for Pat. The preparations are underway with kids, adults and even Ted's machines helping out. But all the while Pat thinks friends and family have forgotten his special day. Will everything go to plan and be ready in time for the big surprise? This episode also features the unanticipated return of Sam Waldron, Miss Hubbard, George Lancaster, Peter Fogg, Granny Dryden and Major Forbes.

Postman Pat Special Delivery Service Edit

In the latest series, Postman Pat Special Delivery Service, Postman Pat has been given a promotion to Head of the Special Delivery Service (SDS). Despite the promotion, Pat does, however, now have a boss, Ben, who tends to give him instructions (whereas he was his own master before the "promotion"). Pat also seems to make more mistakes in his work since moving to SDS, largely because the new format is always based on one delivery, which has to go wrong somehow (thus often because of Pat's errors).

Postman Pat SDS features an expanded and diverse cast, a fleet of new vehicles, a world full of gadgets and the new town of Pencaster. Postman Pat Special Delivery Service first screened on BBC2 on 29 September 2008. The new series was commissioned by the BBC and produced by Entertainment Rights and Cosgrove Hall.

Postman Pat's vehicles Edit

  • Royal Mail fleet service van (Pat 1): Pat's bright red van is a small 'box' type van based on a Bedford HA, with the registration, "PAT 1".[10]
For the first seven episodes of series one, it featured a generic

crown-style symbol, which was designed to be similar to the official Royal Mail symbol. When the Royal Mail gave the programme makers permission to use their official symbol, the crown was replaced with the Royal Mail cruciform.

  • Royal Mail fleet service bus (Pat 2): Postman Pat's postbus, which was bigger than the van, which could carry passengers and freight as well as parcels, offering Postbus

service. It first appeared in the 1991 special "Postman Pat takes the bus", in which Pat took it out for a trial run with the villagers to Ingledale. It was used in "Postman Pat and the Tuba", when Pat had to use it when his van broke down. It was used later to catch a robot and take the school children on a mystery tour. From series 4 onwards his post bus was painted yellow to become the school mini bus.

  • SDS Van (Pat 2): Pat's huge eco-van, much bigger than the small van and can carry special deliveries.
  • SDS Helicopter (Pat 3): Postman Pat now has his pilot's

licence and his own helicopter, which he uses to complete tricky special deliveries across Greendale and Pencaster.

  • SDS Mini Van (Pat 4): Special Delivery Service mini van. It looks identical to Pat's Royal Mail Pat 1 van, but with an SDS design. (Although Pat 1 can still be seen parked at SDS headquarters in some episodes, such as in the episode "The Disco Machine").
  • SDS Motorbike (Pat 5): Pat's motorbike, with a side-car for Jess.
  • SDS Forklift Truck (Pat 6): A forklift truck driven by Ben (sometimes Pat)
  • SDS 4x4 (Pat 7): Postman Pat now has a 4x4 (seen from series 2 of Postman Pat: SDS)
  • SDS Postcar (Pat 8) : Postman Pat has a postcar, mainly for urgent deliveries (seen from series 2 of Postman Pat: SDS)

Other vehicles Edit

  • Mobile Shop Van: a blue shop van shaped like a Bradford 5 x 5

van driven by Sam Waldron (who is only seen in the first two series from 1981–1996)

  • Greendale Rocket: An old steam engine, driven by Ajay Bains, which has a mail carriage.
  • 4-wheeler jeep and trailer: A 4 × 4 jeep with a trailer that is driven by Amy Wrigglesworth and based on a Jeep Wrangler.
  • Mini School Bus: a yellow mini bus that was formerly Pat

Clifton's post bus in series 1-2. From series 4 onwards, it was painted yellow with black stripe details and is the school mini bus.

  • Forklift: A red forklift that is operated by Ben Taylor (and sometimes by Pat) at the Pencaster Sorting Office.
  • Food van: A food delivery van that has fruit painted on the side driven by Michael Lam.
  • Old truck: An old pick-up truck that is driven by Ted Glen. In the movie, it seems to be driven by someone else.
  • Greendale police car: A police car that is driven by PC Selby.
  • Pencaster Flyer: A blue and red high speed train that is driven by Ajay Bains to carry mail and passengers between Greendale and Pencaster.

Character voices Edit

  • Ken Barrie

as Postman Pat, Ted Glen, Peter Fogg, P.C. Selby, Major Forbes, Geoff Pringle, Sam Waldron, Granny Dryden, George Lancaster, Alf Thompson, Reverend Timms

  • Carole Boyd as Mrs. Goggins, Dr. Gilbertson, Charlie Pringle, Sara Clifton, Miss Hubbard, Lucy Selby, Additional voices

Outside the main broadcast series Edit

Movie Edit

Postman Pat: The Movie, a 3D computer-animated feature film, was released in May 2014 in the UK.[11] The film was produced by Lionsgate and Icon Productions and animated by RGH Pictures. The story revolves around Pat entering a talent show audition, which leads to robots taking over his postal service whilst he is away. The film stars Stephen Mangan as the voice of Pat, and also features David Tennant, Rupert Grint and Jim Broadbent.[12]

Spin-off Edit

A CGI spin-off to the series was made called Guess with Jess which follows Pat's cat Jess now with the ability to talk and his adventures with the farm animals. The series debuted on 9 November 2009.

Music Edit

Music for the original 1981 series was by Bryan Daly (died January 2012),[13] who wrote a number of songs including the well-known theme tune. For the 2003 series, pop writer Simon Woodgate scored the show and wrote new songs, including a new closing theme "What's in His Bag?". The theme tune "Postman Pat & His Black and White Cat" was originally sung by Ken Barrie for the original series in the 1980s and '90s. An extended version of the tune was released as a single in the UK where it reached number 44 in the charts in July 1982.[14]

The theme tune and songs for the new series and sequel, Postman Pat Special Delivery Service (including "Special Delivery Service, What's It Going to Be Today?), was recorded by Simon Woodgate at Echobass Studios.

In 2013 Classic Media released Postman Pat SDS Series 2. The new 26 episode series retained Bryan Daly's original theme tune and Simon Woodgate's closing song, however new character themes and incidental music was composed by Sandy Nuttgens.

There is also an album called Postman Pat: Songs And Music From The Television on Post Music released in 1982.

The ever-popular theme song underwent several adaptations; from 1994 to 1996, the theme tune had additional instruments such as synthesised strings and a tambourine. The same was done to the 1995 album version which was an edit of the original 1982 album version.

Books Edit

As of 2009, over 12 million book titles, including storybooks, integrated learning books, colouring books, and multi-character magazines, have been sold worldwide.[10]

Advertising Edit

The Postman Pat characters and setting have also been used in the UK and Australia in television advertisements for the company Specsavers.

US VHS releases Edit

  • Celebrity Home Entertainment (1999)

Titles include:

  • Vol.1 Postman Pat takes the Bus
  • Vol.2 Postman Pat and the Tuba
  • Strand Home Video (1990)

Titles Include:

  • Postman Pat's ABC Story
  • Postman Pat's 123 Story
  • Landmark Films
  • The First Season was released on 13 separate VHS tapes: 1 episode per tape. It is unknown when these were released.

Fisher Price Home Video also made a VHS with 3 episodes on it: Postman Pat's Finding Day, Postman Pat's Secret and The Sheep In The Clover Field.

US DVD releases Edit

  • Paramount Pictures (2014)

One DVD Title was released.

  • Postman Pat: The Movie

UK DVD and VHS releases Edit

  • Longman Video (1983–1984)
  • BBC Video (1986–2001)
  • Abbey Home Media (1987–1995)
  • Entertainment Rights (2003–2010)
  • Video Collection International (2003–2006)
  • 2 entertain (2006–present)

With over four million DVDs and videos sold globally, there is a growing collection of titles available for Home Entertainment release, including feature-length specials and interactive games. Titles include:

  • Postman Pat – ABC & 123 Stories
  • Postman Pat – Read Along with Postman Pat
  • Postman Pat – Magic Christmas
  • Postman Pat – Clowns Around
  • Postman Pat – Ice Cream Machine
  • Postman Pat – In A Muddle
  • Postman Pat – The Pirate Treasure
  • Postman Pat Boxset – Ice-Cream Machine/Clowns Around
  • Postman Pat – Great Dinosaur Hunt
  • Postman Pat – The Giant Snowball
  • Postman Pat – Popstars
  • Postman Pat – Football Crazy
  • Postman Pat – Great Big Party
  • Postman Pat Boxset – Magic Xmas & Giant Snowball
  • Postman Pat – Go-Kart Race
  • Postman Pat Popstars/Great Big Party
  • Postman Pat's Summer Spectacular
  • Postman Pat – Christmas Eve
  • Postman Pat – Big Boat Adventure
  • Postman Pat Boxset – Great Dinosaur Hunt/Giant Snowball/Spotty

Situation/Ice Ladder/Big Butterflies/Spooky Sleepover/Greendale Movie/Train Inspector

  • Postman Pat Boxset-Pirate Treasure/Green Rabbit/Flying Saucers
  • Postman Pat Boxset – Christmas Eve/The Giant Snowball/Magic Christmas
  • Postman Pat Special Delivery Service – A Brand New Mission
  • Postman Pat Special Delivery Service – Pat to the Rescue
  • Postman Pat Boxset: Great Big Party/Postman Pat: Great Dinosaur Hunt/Postman Pat: The Ice Cream Machine
  • Postman Pat Special Delivery Service: Flying Christmas Stocking
  • Postman Pat Special Delivery Service: A Speedy Delivery
  • Postman Pat – Happy Birthday Pat

Original series DVD releases Edit

DVD releases of classic Postman Pat were limited in availability in various regions. In the UK, only one volume with three episodes from Series 2 was released by Right Entertainment in 2004 under the title Postman Pat in a Muddle. The same year saw the entire original series released on DVD in Spain, featuring both English and Spanish audio options.[15] No further releases were seen in the UK until 2011 when Classic Media issued all four specials from 1991–1994 on the DVD Happy Birthday Postman Pat. On 3 February 2014, the first and second series were made available in their entirety for the first time in the UK.[16][17]

  • Postman Pat – In A Muddle
  • Postman Pat – Happy Birthday Pat
  • Postman Pat – Postman Pat Takes a Message
  • Postman Pat – Postman Pat's Big Surprise

UK VHS releases Edit

Between April 1983 and May 1984 three Postman Pat pre-certed titles (before the Uc rating by the BBFC got established in 1985) with twelve episode of the entire first series all except for Letters On Ice [episode 12] were released by Longman Video in its children's treasury range. Also, one 30-minute title by Longman Video called My Own Postman Pat was released featuring two episodes – Pat's Rainy Day [episode 4] and The Sheep in the Clover Field [episode 5]. On the back covers The Woodland Animations detail was copyrighted in 1982.

VHS video title Year of release Episodes
Postman Pat (LGVH 5011) April 1983 Pat's Rainy Day (Episode 4), The Sheep in Clover

Field (Episode 5), Pat's Tractor Express (Episode 6), Pat's Thirsty Day (Episode 7)

Postman Pat 2 (LGVH 5019) October 1983 Pat's Foggy Day (Episode 9), Pat's Difficult Day (Episode 10), Pat Goes Sledging (Episode 11), Pat Takes a Message (Episode 13)
Postman Pat 3 (LGVH 5021) May 1984 Postman Pat's Finding Day (Episode 1), Postman Pat

and the Magpie Hen (Episode 2), Postman Pat's Birthday (Episode 3), Pat's Windy Day (Episode 8)

In Spring 1986 a single video of four Postman Pat stories was released in the Marks and Spencer (originally called St Michael) Video library that was presented by BBC Enterprises Ltd.

VHS video title Year of release Episodes
Postman Pat (2511/5820) March 1986 Pat's Rainy Day (Episode 4), Pat's Tractor Express

(Episode 6), Postman Pat's Birthday (Episode 3), Pat Takes a Message (Episode 13)

From November 1986 to May 2001 numerous Postman Pat video releases were released by the BBC.

VHS video title Year of release Episodes
Postman Pat 1 (BBCV 4028) 3 November 1986 Postman Pat's Finding Day (Episode 1), The Sheep in Clover Field (Episode 5), Letters on Ice (Episode 12)
Postman Pat 2 (BBCV 4029) 3 November 1986 Postman Pat and the Magpie Hen (Episode 2), Pat's Foggy Day (Episode 9), Pat Goes Sledging (Episode 11)
Postman Pat 3 (BBCV 4030) 3 November 1986 Pat's Thirsty Day (Episode 7), Pat's Windy Day (Episode 8), Pat's Difficult Day (Episode 10)
Postman Pat's Big Video (BBCV 4168) 7 November 1988 Pat's Rainy Day (Episode 4), Pat's Tractor Express

(Episode 6), Postman Pat's Birthday (Episode 3), Pat Takes a Message (Episode 13)

Postman Pat's New Video (BBCV 4691) 4 November 1991 Postman Pat and the Toy Soldiers (Episode 15), Postman Pat Takes the Bus (Episode 14)
The Very Best of Postman Pat (BBCV 4869) 5 October 1992 Pat's Windy Day (Episode 8), Pat's Tractor Express

(Episode 6), The Sheep in the Clover Field (Episode 5), Postman Pat and the Magpie Hen (Episode 2), Pat's Thirsty Day (Episode 7)

Postman Pat: Birthday and three other stories (BBCV 5468) 5 September 1994 Postman Pat's Birthday (Episode 3), Letters on Ice (Episode 12), Pat's Windy Day (Episode 8), Pat's Foggy Day (Episode 9)
Postman Pat: Takes a Message and three other stories (BBCV 5469) 5 September 1994 Pat Takes a Message, Pat's Thirsty Day (Episode 7), Pat Goes Sledging (Episode 11), The Sheep in the Clover Field (Episode 5)
Postman Pat: Finding Day and four other stories (BBCV 5470) 5 September 1994 Postman Pat's Finding Day (Episode 1), Pat's Tractor

Express (Episode 6), Pat's Rainy Day (Episode 4), Pat's Difficult Day (Episode 10), Postman Pat and the Magpie Hen (Episode 2)

Postman Pat and the Tuba (BBCV 5472) 3 October 1994 Postman Pat and the Tuba (Episode 16), Postman Pat and the Barometer (Episode 17)
Postman Pat's Bumper Collection (BBCV 5683) 2 October 1995 Postman Pat Takes the Bus (Episode 14), Pat Goes

Sledging (Episode 11), Pat's Difficult Day (Episode 10), Postman Pat and the Toy Soldiers (Episode 15), Postman Pat's Birthday (Episode 3)

Postman Pat – 2 on 1 (BBCV 5814) 1 April 1996 Postman Pat's Finding Day (Episode 1), The Sheep in

the Clover Field (Episode 5), Letters on Ice (Episode 12), Postman Pat and the Magpie Hen (Episode 2), Pat's Foggy Day (Episode 9), Pat Goes Sledging (Episode 11)

Postman Pat and the Hole in the Road (BBCV 5891) 2 September 1996 Postman Pat and the Hole in the Road (Episode 18),

Postman Pat and the Suit of Armour (Episode 19), Postman Pat in a Muddle (Episode 20), Postman Pat Misses the Show (Episode 21)

Postman Pat's Bumper Bag (BBCV 6223) 5 May 1997 Pat's Windy Day (Episode 8), Pat's Rainy Day (Episode

4), Pat Takes A Message (Episode 13), Postman Pat and the Tuba (Episode 16), Postman Pat and the Barometer (Episode 17)

Postman Pat Has Too Many Parcels (BBCV 6123) 15 September 1997 Postman Pat Has Too Many Parcels (Episode 25),

Postman Pat Follows the Trail (Episode 22), Postman Pat Has The Best Village (Episode 23), Postman Pat Paints The Ceiling (Episode 24)

Postman Pat's Big Surprise (BBCV 6539) 7 September 1998 Postman Pat and the Big Surprise (Episode 26),

Postman Pat and the Robot (Episode 27), Postman Pat takes Flight (Episode 28), Postman Pat and the Beast of Greendale (Episode 29)

Postman Pat's Big Surprise (Limited Edition) (BBCV 6706) 7 September 1998 Postman Pat and the Big Surprise (Episode 26),

Postman Pat and the Robot (Episode 27), Postman Pat takes Flight (Episode 28), Postman Pat and the Beast of Greendale (Episode 29), Postman Pat and the Mystery Tour (Episode 30)

Postman Pat's Special Delivery (BBCV 6770) 12 April 1999 Postman Pat Follows a Trail, Postman Pat and the Hole in the Road, Postman Pat and the Tuba (Episode 16)
Postman Pat - More Adventures from Pat and his friends (2 on 1 BBCV 6952) 15 November 1999 Pat's Thirsty Day (Episode 7), Pat's Windy Day

(Episode 8), Pat's Difficult Day (Episode 10), Pat's Rainy Day (Episode 4), Pat's Tractor Express (Episode 6), Postman Pat's Birthday (Episode 3), Pat Takes a Message (Episode 13)

Postman Pat's Big Video! (BBCV 6945) 2 May 2000 Postman Pat and the Robot (Episode 27), Postman Pat

Paints the Ceiling (Episode 24), Postman Pat and the Suit of Armour (Episode 19), Postman Pat and the Mystery Tour (Episode 30), Postman Pat Has Too Many Parcels (Episode 25), Postman Pat Misses the Show (Episode 21)

Postman Pat's Favourites (BBCV 6985) 2 October 2000 Postman Pat in a Muddle (Episode 20), Postman Pat Has

the Best Village (Episode 23), Postman Pat and the Big Surprise (Episode 26), Postman Pat Takes Flight (Episode 28), Postman Pat and the Hole in the Road (Episode 18), Postman Pat and the Beast of Greendale (Episode 29)

Postman Pat's Prize Postbag (BBCV 7143) 8 May 2001 Postman Pat Takes the Bus (Episode 14), Postman Pat

and the Toy Soldiers (Episode 15), Postman Pat and the Tuba (Episode 16), Postman Pat and the Barometer (Episode 17)

Broadcasters in other countries Edit

  • In mainland China, the series launched on China's dominant broadcast platform, China Central Television (CCTV) in July 2008. The show was dubbed into Chinese.
  • In Hong Kong, Postman Pat Special Delivery has aired on ATV World in English.
  • In New Zealand, the original series has aired on TV2 (New Zealand) and the new SDS series currently screens on Kidzone, the children's show on TVNZ6.
  • In Australia Postman Pat is on Cartoon Network and ABC Kids.
  • In 2005, Postman Pat was sold to the Japanese division of Disney Channel,

finally putting to rest a long-standing misconception in the UK that Japanese television would not take the series because having only three fingers and a thumb on each hand (as Pat does) was a Yakuza symbol.[18] The series is dubbed into Japanese.

  • In the United States, newer episodes of Postman Pat initially aired weekdays at 8:00 AM Eastern time on the HBO Family cable network. The 2004 series used to broadcast weekends on the Qubo

channel. The episodes were unaltered, leaving intact the accents and other distinctly British elements of the series.They no longer air Postman Pat in the United States.

  • In Israel Postman Pat is known as "Dar Ha'davar" and is shown on Channel One, dubbed in to Hebrew.
  • In India, Postman Pat was shown under the heading of "Half Ticket Express" which included various other shows aimed at children.
  • In Indonesia, Postman Pat currently aired in B-Channel.
  • In Iran, Postman Pat was broadcast in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The show was dubbed into Persian under the name Pat-e Postchi.[19]
  • In Malaysia, Postman Pat originally aired on RTM1 in the early 1990s. It reappeared on NTV7 in English in 2008. It is also shown on Astro Ceria

bilingually, in both Malay and English. As of November 2009, NTV7 has completed airing of the 2004 series and is airing Postman Pat SDS in its place. As of January 2010, Astro Ceria no longer broadcasts Postman Pat. NTV7 airs Postman Pat SDS on weekends at 9:00 AM as usual.

  • In the Philippines, the series aired on TV5, dubbed into Tagalog. Cartoon Network (Philippines) also broadcasts until 2009 or 2008.
  • In Canada, Postman Pat is shown on the Treehouse Children's Network.[20]
  • In Arabic, Postman Pat is known as ساعي البريد and shown on Baraem.

Europe Edit

  • In the Faroe Islands he is known as Pedda Post and he has repeatedly been broadcast by Kringvarp Føroya.
  • In Scotland, Postman Pat is shown not only in English but also sometimes broadcast as Pàdraig Post, in the Gaelic language, on BBC Scotland.
  • In Wales, no Welsh language

version of Postman Pat is currently screened. However, there are VHS tapes available of the original series translated into Welsh that were produced by Sain Video.

  • In the Netherlands the series was also shown dubbed in Dutch. There the series is called Pieter Post. It was first broadcast by NCRV, later on Kindernet and Nickelodeon.
  • In Catalonia (Spain), Postman Pat is broadcast as Pat el carter, in Catalan language, on Televisió de Catalunya.
  • In Italy Il postino Pat has aired at various times on the RaiSat Ragazzi channel, Raitre and RaiSat YOYO.
  • In Poland the adventures of Listonosz Pat is shown on MiniMini and TVP1.
  • In Russia he is known as Pochtalion Pat (Почтальон Пэт). It was first broadcast by Karusel.
  • In Denmark Postman Pat is known as Postmand Per and his cat is called "Emil" .
  • In Spain Postman Pat is known as Pat el cartero and is shown dubbed in Spanish on Clan TVE.
  • In Norway he is known as Postmann Pat and his cat is called "Miss". The series has been repeatedly broadcast by the NRK. The 1981 series was narrated by actor Sverre Anker Ousdal, whereas the new series are now dubbed in Norwegian. Some parts of the dubbed series are available as DVDs.
  • In Iceland, Pósturinn Páll is how Pat is known to the viewers of Sjónvarpið, the public Icelandic television network.
  • YLE TV2 of Finland airs the adventures of Postimies Pate. The original 1981 series were also released on VHS in the mid-80's; in those releases, Postman Pat was translated as Posti-Pat.
  • In Austria and Germany, Postman Pat has been broadcast on ORF (Austria) and Super RTL (Germany) with the name "Postbote Pat".
  • In Galicia, Postman Pat is known as "O carteiro Pat" and used to be broadcast on TVG, in Galician language.

"O carteiro Pat" is a remembered character for adults, as they watched the TV series on their childhood. Theme tune was translated as "Carteiro Pat e o seu gato Jess".

  • In the Basque Country (Spain), Postman Pat is known as "Patria postaria" and used to be broadcast on ETB 1 in the Basque language.
  • In Sweden, Postman Pat is known as "Postis-Per" and is shown on Nickelodeon and TV4, dubbed into Swedish. Some parts of the dubbed series are available on DVD.
  • In Portugal, Postman Pat is known as "O Carteiro Paulo" and is shown on RTP2, MOV and Canal Panda, dubbed into Portuguese.
  • In Croatia, Postman Pat is known as "Poštar Pat" and was shown on HRT 2, dubbed into Croatian.
  • In the Czech Republic, Postman Pat is known as "Pošták Pat" and is shown on ČT1, dubbed into Czech.
  • In Cyprus, Postman Pat was known as Taxydromos Pat and was shown dubbed in Greek on the national channel Cybc(RIK).
  • In Greece, Postman Pat was also known as Taxydromos Pat" and was shown on ALTER.
  • In Ireland, Postman Pat is shown on RTÉ Two's the Den. Postman Pat SDS is now also shown Weekdays at 11:05.
  • In Serbia, Postman Pat is known as "Poštar Pet" and was shown on Minimax, dubbed into Serbian language.
  • In Romania Postman Pat is known as "Postasul Pat" and is also shown on Minimax, dubbed in Romanian

Postman Pat Village at Longleat Edit

Longleat House has an outdoor reproduction of Greendale village, including the Post Office, the Clifton's house and the Greendale station. It also has a miniature scale model of Greendale.[21]

Award nominations Edit

In 2006, Postman Pat was nominated for "Best Pre-school Animation Series" at the BAFTA Children's Awards.[22]

Parodies Edit

  • Harry Enfield and Chums
featured a parody entitled "Il Postino Pat" (the show's Italian title),

with an operatic reworking of the theme tune and the characters speaking in Italian. At the end there is a revolution in Greendale and Pat is shot by fascist soldiers.[23]

  • Harry and Paul
parodied Postman Pat in series 3 and 4 with "Parking Pataweyo", a

stereotypical African traffic warden whose name and theme tune are based on Pat's.

  • Spitting Image in 1987 the topical satirical puppet series, featured Temporary Postman Pratt[24]
in a send-up of Royal Mail's employment of temporary postal workers

during busy times. In the opening titles, Pratt can be seen driving a familiar (though yellow in colour) van along country roads before running over a black and white cat. Pratt likes to clear his workload as quickly as he can by dumping the post rather than delivering it. He is portrayed as a student who is lazy and rude.

Radio Edit

Terry Wogan played the theme tune on his BBC Radio 2 breakfast show every morning in the early 1980s, as a joke, but it became a hit.

Repeats Edit

Postman Pat has become an instant hit as it has been shown and repeated on BBC1 and BBC2 at lunchtimes and afternoons from 1981 - 2012, CBBC on Choice has also broadcasted Postman Pat, it premiered on Day 1 on Monday 29th November 1999 at 6.30am, 9.30am, 12.30pm and 3.30pm and was the third programme to launch on the channel the first two being the Teletubbies and William's Wish Wellingtons half an hour before from 6.00am - 6.30am, They showed Series 1 from Monday 29th November 1999 - Wednesday 15th December 1999 and re-showed the first 2 episodes as a filler to conclude the week ending Friday 17th December 1999 before taking a 2 week break to broadcast fellow cartoon Bertha at the same times it was shown for Christmas 1999 from Monday 20th December - Friday 31st December 1999. Postman Pat returned for New Year's Weekend 2000 from 6.00am - 6.45am showing the first 6 episodes as a triple bill to welcome the new millennium alongside Pigeon Street, Pingu, Mr Benn and Bob the Builder. It returned to weekdays on Monday 3rd January 2000 at 6.25am, 9.25am, 12.25pm and 3.25pm broadcasting Series 2 from Monday 3rd January 2000 - Wednesday 19th January 2000 with a second repeat run from Thursday 20th January 2000 - Friday 4th February 2000 at the same times. After broadcasting both series, It took a break for the channel to premier fellow cartoons Charlie Chalk and Pigeon Street which premiered on Monday 7th and 28th February 2000 at the same times Postman Pat was broadcast, Later on the year after the summer, on Monday 4th September 2000, Gremlyn TV was launched at mornings and teatimes from 6.00am - 6.30am and 6.30pm - 7.00pm and broadcast stop-motion animation programming, Postman Pat was part of the strand alongside fellow favourites Brum, Charlie Chalk, Mr Benn and Pigeon Street on a 4-month loop beginning 4th September 2000 and was broadcast twice on a 4-month loop bringing the total to 8 months altogether, Both series of Postman Pat were broadcast on Gremlyn TV, It was also broadcast at weekends beginning Saturday 30th September 2000 at 6.45am, 9.45am, 1.15pm and 4.15pm and again showed both series until Sunday 24th December 2000 and then re-started at Episode 1 from Saturday 3rd February 2001 at 6.40am, 9.40am, 1.10pm and 4.10pm until Saturday 7th April 2001 and then broadcasted Series 2 from Sunday 8th April 2001 - Sunday 20th May 2001, It was also broadcast on Choosy Bits under viewer's request from 2001/02. It was broadcasted on weekends again beginning Sunday 18th November 2001 at 8.10am, 11.10am, 2.10pm and 5.10pm broadcasting Series 1 from Sunday 18th November 2001 - Sunday 30th December 2001 and then broadcasting Series 2 from Saturday 5th January 2002 - Sunday 10th February 2002. Postman Pat continues to be broadcast today on CBeebies since the launch in February 2002, It currently airs at 7.00am alongside Teletubbies and Tweenies.