Sheeep was a short lived animated television series that aired on CBBC, within the United Kingdom. The show followed the adventures of three sheep called Georgina, Gogol and Hubert who often end up thwarting the scheme of the wolves or even Moze's companions mess them up.


Characters Edit

  • Georgina (Voiced by Julia Sawalha)

- A female sheep who has a rather bossy, domineering personality. She sometimes appears to be the self elected leader of the three and is often too keen to put her opinions forward. Also she mistrusts wolves more than anyone. She lives a flock of sheep in 'Green Meadow'.

  • Gogol (Voiced by Enn Reitel)

- He is the intellectual of the little group and seems to be the only sheep who spends most of his time in the city. He drives a car, owns a house and has a job as a photographer.

  • Hubert (Voiced by David Holt) - The quietest and most modest of the flock; he seldom speaks and lives in 'Green Meadow' with sister Georgina.
  • Moze - The devious planner of bad schemes for the wolves' benefit. Wears a black and red striped neck tie and sunglasses.
  • Spike - One of Moze's sidekicks. Wears a green bow tie and sunglasses.
  • Gotcha - Moze's other sidekick. Wears a blue bandana.
  • Kid - Gotcha's little sister. She says nothing, she just

licks a lollipop and doesn't involve herself in the wolves' schemes. Wears a green and blue striped skirt and hair bow.

  • Mumsie (Voiced by Rob Rackstraw) - Moze's mother

Episodes Edit

# Title Air Date
1 "Say Cheese" 7 April 2000
Gogol takes Georgina and Hubert to do some photography, while the wolves try to steal some yellowberry pie.
2 "Queen Georgina" 14 April 2000

at the Green Meadow Festival, Georgina is to attend a traditional coronation, which Moze intends to intercept, but it is cut short when he blunders.

3 "The Stamp" 28 April 2000
Georgina and Hubert take care of Uncle Elliot's office. The wolves sneak in to swipe Elliot's valuable stamp collection.
4 "Gogol the Champion" 5 May 2000

goes through Georgina's tiring exercises to prepare for the gate jumping event. The wolves enter Kid in the event with spring-powered shoes.

5 "Hubert's Surprise" 12 May 2000
Today is Hubert's birthday and Gogol has prepared a party, but the wolves greedily gorge on the party food.
6 "Gogol's Sofa" 19 May 2000

tries to sell Gogol a new sofa with stolen newspapers for the stuffing, but Georgina's Uncle Elliot has followed their trail.

7 "The Flat Tyre" 26 May 2000
While Gogol has his car maintained for flat tires, the wolves take the car for their own joyride.
8 "Gogol Learns Golf" 2 June 2000
Hubert becomes Gogol's caddy, then various golf equipment is stolen by the wolves, but Georgina reveals their theft.
9 "Stuck in the Mud" 9 June 2000

assists Captain Bleat to guard his beach mat cargo. The wolves trap the boat in a muddy bank to get the beach mats, but their plan backfires when the river bed traps them.

10 "Sheeep Showers" 16 June 2000
Georgina, Hubert and Gogol have a game of volleyball on the beach but when Kid plays, it exposes the wolves' handbag stealing.
11 "Tango Tangle" 14 July 2000
Due to a problem with Jaunita Laufita's resignation, Moze has Spike impersonate her for the grand tango performance.
12 "Housesitting" 21 July 2000

Gogol is away, Georgina and Hubert take care of his house. However Moze with a visit from his mother tries to occupy the house.

13 "Treasure Treats" 28 July 2000
Georgina, Hubert and Gogol join in a treasure hunt event. The wolves follow them, but are cut off by a deep hole Gotcha dug.
14 "The Big Freeze" 2 January 2001

wolves make their move to steal some firewood from the sheep, who are preparing dinner, but Captain Bleat and Uncle Elliot catch them.

15 "Stormy Weather" 9 January 2001

Hubert and Gogol get caught in Moze's concert after Gogol signs a strict contract, but Captain Bleat and Hubert devise a plan to get out of it.

16 "Scoop" 16 January 2001

takes over Gogol's newspaper photography job, but their latest attempt for a scoop backfires and forces Gogol to come to the rescue.

17 "Georgina's Sleepover" 23 January 2001

don't turn out well for everyone when Georgina has a sleepover with her prissy cousin Penny and Moze tries to get a present for his mother.

18 "Say it with Flowers" 30 January 2001

Georgina, Hubert and Gogol attend Gogol's garden, the wolves try to steal what they think is a valuable plant and Kid helps it grow.

19 "The Bank Robbery" 13 February 2001

and Hubert and Gogol participate a jumble sale where the wolves get some disguises to rob a bank. Hubert blows their cover and Gogol summons the police.

20 "The Flood" 20 February 2001

Green Meadow holds back the flood waters, Gogol buys many umbrellas. After the wolves fail to steal the umbrellas, Kid puts them to good use.

21 "Talent Contest" 27 February 2001
22 "Keep Fit" 6 March 2001
Moze puts some stolen cans of beans to use for a fitness gym, but Georgina, Hubert and Gogol play their own game against them.
23 "Sea Tales" 13 March 2001

does photography for Gogol who is currently sick, but leaks a story of sunken treasure which greatly interests the wolves.

24 "Georgina and the Princess" 20 March 2001

Hubert and Gogol ready themselves for Princess Grazelightly's opening of a new supermarket, but Gogol makes Georgina's fleece pink.

25 "Snow Business" 27 March 2001
The wolves create snow drifts to charge fees for snow cleanup. Hubert's giant snowball stops their ruse altogether.
26 "Hubert Goes Green" 3 April 2001

Repeats Edit

Sheeep has been shown on BBC1 and BBC2 from 2000 - 2002, CBBC on Choice premiered Sheeep on Monday 19th March 2001 at 7.35am, 10.35am, 1.35pm and 4.35pm and showed both Series 1 and 2 until Friday 20th April 2001. It returned in a weekend slot beginning Saturday 5th January 2002 at 7.20am, 10.20am, 1.20pm and 4.20pm until Sunday 10th February 2002. It has been repeated on CBBC Channel in 2002 aswell as BBC1 and 2.