Tales of the Tooth Fairies is a children's television programme which was created by Françoise Caspan and produced by Siriol Productions and La Fabrique in association with EVA Entertainment.[1] It was aired on BBC Two on 17 December 1998. [2]

The series focuses on a Gisele and Martin, two milk tooth collecting mice who take it as their duty as tooth fairies (they are called tooth mice in the episodes) and giving special fitting presents to children in need on Queen Elisa's order and assisted by their friend Arthur.

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Characters Edit

  • Gisele - One of the tooth mice. She's usually the one to collect a tooth and slip a present under a pillow.
  • Martin - Gisele's partner. He's usually the one to throw a

grappling hook and line for Gisele to climb on. Has an addiction to Gorgonzola cheese.

  • Arthur - A goose and the two mice's helper who gives them rides and prevents anyone from interfering with the their job.
  • Queen Elisa (Voiced by Penelope Keith)

- The bossy and snappy queen of the Milk Teeth Kingdom. She decides what fitting presents Gisele and Martin must exchange for milk teeth.

  • Roland Rat - A thieving nuisance who likes to steal the two mice's presents for himself, but is always thwarted.

Episodes Edit

# Title Air Date
1 "Mission: Toothbrush" 12th September 1992
The Tooth Mice are sent in bad weather to deliver toothbrushes to twins with bad teeth.
2 "The Silver Sleighbell" 12th September 1992
The Tooth Mice deliver to an eskimo sleighbells for his dog sled, aided by the clumsy reindeer Romuald.
3 "The Golden Scissors" 26th September 1992
The Tooth Mice deliver to Fabienne a small pair of scissors, Arhtur causing them trouble on the way.
4 "Flying Feathers" 3rd October 1992
The Tooth Mice procure a goose feather to substitute a feather pen for a fountain pen specially for Anna.
5 "A Proud Candle" 10th October 1992
The Tooth Mice venture in a flood to give Vincent a special flashing candle, with help from stray cat Rammy.
6 "Magic Chimes" 17th October 1992
The Tooth Mice pick a rare bluebell flower for Sophie, almost getting caught by an owl, but rescued by Arthur.
7 "Jonathan Loses His Tooth" 24th October 1992
The Tooth Mice bring an absent-minded Jonathan a secret diary and in the process get the tooth mouse teacher her job back.
8 "Stolen Present" 31st October 1992
As the Tooth Mice try to deliver a whistle for Fabian, it is taken by Ronald Rat, but Arthur helps them recover it.
9 "The Bell Doll" 7th November 1992
Gisele does not return from her tooth exchange job, so Arthur delivers to Emily her bell doll and rescues Gisele from a cage.
10 "The Book of Leaves" 14th November 1992

the Tooth Mice deliver a leaf book to Sandree, Marad the Buzzard captures Gisele, but Gisele soothes her to sleep with the book.

11 "Mr. Sun, Mrs. Rain" 21st November 1992
The Tooth Mice bring Audrey a comb, but have trouble retrieving the tooth as Audrey's pet cat shows up.
12 "Sky Scraper" 28th November 1992
The Tooth Mice go to the 60th floor of a sky scraper to bring Charles a clockwork bird, running into Roland Rat on the way.
13 "Cat's Enough" 5th December 1992
The Tooth Mice bring to Julie, taking a risk from her vicious pet cat Leo, but Julie provides the tooth for them.

Availability Edit

  • VHS - "Crayola Presents Tales of the Tooth Fairies VHS"[3]

Repeats Edit

Tales of the Tooth Fairies has been shown several times on BBC1 and BBC2 from 1993 - 2001, CBBC on Choice premiered the series on Saturday 8th April 2000 at 6.40am, 9.55am, 1.10pm and 4.25pm until Saturday May 20th 2000. It returned on weekends from Saturday 31st March 2001 - Sunday 20th May 2001 at 8.25am, 11.25am, 2.25pm and 5.25pm.