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Time for Tubby Custard is the 29th video of Teletubbies. It was exclusively to Teletubbies x Larva.


  • Making Tubby Custard & Getting Full Up (From "Ice Cream")
  • TV Event - Larva Season 1: Grape (Laa-Laa is chosen)
  • Pink Tubby Custard Spots (From "Pit-A-Pat [Part 1]")
  • Bouncing Tubby Custard (From "Soda")
  • TV Event - Larva Season 2: Gum (Po is chosen)
  • Tubby Custard Machine Not Working (From "Wild Wild Wild World [Part 3]")
  • Stealing Tubby Custard Bowls Each Others (From "Strange Berries")
  • TV Event - Larva In New York: Cup Noodle (Tinky Winky is chosen)
  • Tubby Custard Sprays Everywhere (From "Pit-A-Pat [Part 2]")
  • What Color Is Tubby Custard? (From "Confetti Poppers")
  • Tubby Custard Bubbles (From "Goodbye New York [Part 3]")