Wacky Weekend was the name of a special theme-sectioned programme broadcast on CBBC on Choice from Saturday March 31st 2001 - Sunday June 24th 2001.


The strand started on Saturday March 31st 2001 and took over from Gremlyn in the Works which ran for 8 months from September 2000 - March 2001 and was a double bill of Bitsa. Like the other strands, it had its own special ident before linking into the programmes shown with in-vision continuity inbetween, It was shown twice a day at 6.00am in the morning before the omnibus edition of the Teletubbies kicking off the main schedule at 6.30am and again at 6.30pm at teatime before CBBC on Choice closed down at 7.00pm to hand over to BBC Choice. It showed two episodes of Mortimer and Arabel on Saturday and Simon and the Witch on Sunday. They showed 24 episodes of both series and was a second showing on CBBC on Choice for both after they premiered in September 2000. The strand finished on Sunday 24th June 2001 and was replaced by Wild Weekend from the following Saturday which they showed 4 nature programmes which were: The Animal Magic Show (which premiered and was new to CBBC on Choice), Caterpillar Trail , Two by Two and The Wild Bunch , this was shown at 6am - 6.30am in the morning and 6.30pm - 7.00pm at teatime like Wacky Weekend. Mortimer and Arabel continued to be shown til Sunday July 29th 2001 at 8.50am and Simon and the Witch wasn't shown again til Monday 1st October 2001.