Wildlife is a British BBC children's programme which told stories about the animal kingdom in animated form. it ran from 1999 to 2000 on BBC.

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Episodes Edit

12/04/1999 The Cactus and the Scorpion and Porcupines
19/04/1999 The Reindeers and The Whale And The Lightfish
26/04/1999 Early Worm and Sad Mouse
03/05/1999 The Little Rock And The Big Rock and The Flying Turtles
10/05/1999 Eels on the Cliff and the Leopard
17/05/1999 The Crocodile and the Butterfly and the Silly Sharks
24/05/1999 The Singing Grass and the Rhino and the Bird
05/07/1999 The Whispering Sand and The Little Spider and the Rhino
12/07/1999 The Snailhouse And Two Pigs
19/07/1999 The Caterpillars and the Appletree and Blue Dog and Green Cat
26/07/1999 The Magpies and Fred the Dandelion
04/08/1999 Amoebas and Five Little Birds
11/08/1999 Flytrap Flowers And The Light Bugs
18/08/1999 The Running Clouds and the Shadowbird
25/08/1999 The Whistling Moon and The Antelope
14/09/1999 The Otter and the Monkey Tree
21/09/1999 The Lightfish and Buffaloes
13/05/2000 Dancing Mushrooms And The Cold Crocodile
20/05/2000 The Elephant And The Beetle In The Snow
27/05/2000 Herb The Walrus And The Cow With Roots
03/06/2000 The Tiger In The Rain And The Crows
10/06/2000 The Little Little Spider And The Luminous Rabbit
17/06/2000 The Vulture and Buffalos
24/06/2000 The Shark and the Odd Worm
01/07/2000 Wulrus in the Snow and The Star Fish
08/07/2000 The Star Giraffe and The Yodelling Stone

Repeats Edit

Wildlife has been broadcast on BBC1 and BBC2 from 1999 to 2000, CBBC on Choice has repeated the series beginning Monday 28th February 2000 - Wednesday 22nd March 2000 with a second run through until Friday 21st April 2000 at 8.50am, 11.50am, 2.50pm and 5.50pm. It returned as a double bill on Monday 23rd April 2001 - Friday 1st June 2001 at 7.35am, 10.35am, 1.35pm and 4.35pm. It has been repeated on Nick Jr from 1999-2000 and CBeebies in 2002.